Top of Page. Forget those trips to the local store; we've got all the products you need to keep your school … 5. October 9, 2007. Cleaning products and disinfectants often call for the use … By Brian Libby. Bottles of used glass cleaner, disinfectant wipes, and drain cleaner … At School Specialty, you will find all the facility cleaning and maintenance products you need to keep your building running smoothly. Multi-Clean has developed a complete line of cleaning products for schools and other educational institutions designed to enhance productivity and save money, all while minimizing impacts on human … Make sure that the electronics can withstand the use of liquids for cleaning and disinfecting. With green going mainstream, schools are catching on and looking to these resources for supplies. In schools with younger children, this is becoming a growing concern. Pay close attention to hazard warnings and directions on product labels. At end-of-the-year walkthroughs, Thomas and her department at Clarke County Schools started noticing dangerous stockpiles of unapproved cleaning products in classrooms. Green Clean Your School: Use the Safest Cleaning Products Possible. Air quality in schools is often compromised because of harsh chemicals and cleaners being used when the janitorial staff are cleaning. According to the EPA, students can be sensitive to cleaning products used and these products … Use products safely.

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