I’d like to make these with agar agar or pectin (or something else). Or can I don’t make the Stabilized Chantilly Cream altogether. . My choux au craquelin become less crunchy after about a day in the fridge uncovered, and I’m so happy to learn that by stablizing the whipped cream it helps prevent the filling from weeping. Hi Peter! Hope that helps! I ate them a few years before, and found them to be so thoroughly addictive, so, I wanted to make my own. Whisks – A good set of whisks is a must for all of your baking needs. You can use agar powder as well, but make sure the agar reaches a boiling point before adding it because boiling activates its gelling properties. So, made this the other day and it was AMAZING, and plan to make them again for a party this weekend. I will add that information to the recipe as well . Place the chilled cream in a clean bowl and add the confectioner's sugar and vanilla extract. I wouldn’t recommend that. Hi! I don’t crisp them up in the oven because it’s just for my family. Is it possible to freeze salted caramel filling? I’m so glad that they came out well! And overall it works better in these pastries. I recalled the choux recipe says that for craquelin we might wanna use pastry flour. These also have little icing hearts on them – I did that because I thought it would stand out amongst other local cream puffs but really it was just a pain to make multi-color icings and painstakingly draw on each cream puff LOL man I was dumb – but at least these turned out super cute! I haven’t done chocolate choux pastry yet, but it is on my list of recipes to perfect this year! First of all, mix the ingredients to form a dough. That lovely, crackly top takes these cream puffs to a whole new level. Temper the egg mixture by adding a little of the hot caramel milk in a slow and steady stream, while whisking the eggs constantly. You can also use whipped cream without gelatin, but make sure you whisk it at a lower speed (which will take longer). Place both ziploc bags on a flat tray and keep them in the freezer overnight (OR until completely frozen). Carefully place a disc of craquelin on top and gently press it into the choux to make sure it sticks and is stable. I will try it again, thanks:). Do you place the craquelin on top of the pate a choux while still frozen or wait until thawed? Hi JY Thanks so much! Thanks! Finally, your choux WILL deflate if you open the oven door before the cream puff shells fully form its structure; so be safe and don’t even open it until you’re done LOL I also found this out way too late, but an inconsistent oven is also hell for choux pastry. Pour the custard into a bowl, and immediately cover the surface with plastic wrap, making sure the plastic wrap is touching the whole surface of the custard. Hi Stephanie Split the dough into two equal sized portions, and place each portion inside a 12 x 12 inch ziploc bag. Choux au craquelin is a dessert made with choux pastry, and topped with a thin cookie disc called craquelin. This can result in a grainy texture as well. The second I saw a bubble after adding the egg mixture into the milk moisture I turned the stove off. Also, you don’t have to flatten the tip of your piped choux pastry, because you’ll be placing the craquelin on top instead (as shown below). Please read my detailed perfect choux pastry post to understand the basics of choux pastry, as well as to troubleshoot any pitfalls. im trying to figure out how much filling id need (in cups) if im making about 160 cream puffs! If your caramel splits with the addition of milk, it's because the milk doesn't have enough fat in it. Seems like it’s too much for a salted caramel flavoured pastry cream I found the vanilla overpowered the caramel flavour. Thank you so much for letting me know! You can try blending the custard with an immersion blender (just pulse it) and passing the mixture through a sieve. The chantilly cream lightens the salted caramel pastry cream, and makes for an amazingly melt-in-your-mouth, light filling. Here’s why (a quick choux troubleshoot hehe): Cream puff pastry tends to be very sensitive and fickle: dough that has too much liquid or too little will deflate. Anytime I made these one tray at a time, it was perfect. All levels – Basic guide for making choux pastry + troubleshooting tips. Keep the tip upright and pipe out smooth mounds (piping tip touching the dough surface while you pipe).

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