If the custodial parent can’t or won’t pay to support his or her spawn, then that parent can potentially get welfare. I changed more dippers and fed my child way more than my ex ever thought of. Children don’t have to live with you!!! The problem is that 50/50 is not the default and men have to bankrupt themselves in the “hope” of obtaining custody of their own children! Please explain how that’s supposed to work. Where do you get 25%, because I have 54% of my paycheck taken and that is for one kid. My ex drives a 2015 new model car, I drive an 1989 toyota Camry. The problem is that the court treats kids like data on spreadsheet, not real human beings. I now have to pay the same amount for 1 child as I was paying for two just 5 months ago. Why is she entitled to it? I contacted him through his email and he assured me that in two days time my boyfriend is going to leave the other girl and come back to me and it was a very great surprise to see my boyfriend coming back to me after two days. As a still single parent of two, I never got to start over or have any “me” time either. And I can’t stress this enough — PLEASE DO NOT go and make more children if you cannot afford the ones you already have. However is that right? Child support may be established, but custody and visitation may not be. Love it , I basically am paying for my ex to buy cigarettes and not send my daughter to school. The single parent has to pay for what the child needs despite what kind of time they’re going through. Have Faith! And parental alienation is against the law despite whether or not you’ve paid your child support. After the deductions come out of my check (60%) and I pay my bills I am left with $360 a month for gas, groceries, and entertainment for the kids. I make $80k per year, take home $3,900 after health insurance and taxes. File for modification. If his ex wife wouldn’t have never married Mr. V and was an actual single mother with no father in sight, wouldn’t she still have to dig into her own 140k salary to pay for her children anyway? My ex is 47. I’ve hired a lawyer, who couldn’t change anything, and I’m now over 100,000 in debt. There are MANY things wrong with the child support system, that need to be changed, starting by making laws uniform across the state, allowing it to be a pre-tax reduction for the person who pays it, a unified stopping point where the non-custodial parent is removed from paying without having to spend the time or money to have to go to court to get it stopped, etc. She died in 2014, and a lot of them paid lip service to her after having not talked to her for decades because they stabbed her in the back for being the first father’s rights feminist. Sorry man. I’ve been paying child support for 19 years in the state of NY and to date its at $148,450 PAID! I’m currently 13 and although I’m young, I know what goes on with child support agreements. There should not be such a thing as child support. I know one day when my daughter gets older her curiosity will get the best of her and she will find me and ask why. I sat and watched a judge laugh it up all buddy-buddy with 3 dads behind on support. I sure you will find some, look at what you paid, then the balance deduct what you paid, this is what is going on,examples: if your statement say you paid $20,000 by 2015, with a 30,000 balance,if your balance is still $30,000 at the beginning of 2016 there not deducting nothing, can you imagine how many people are suffering? It is rare that the father is the caretaker. That was seven years ago. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind the trend. The process will continue whether you want to participate or not. Well I for one am ready for action because I am a good dad who has been taken advantage of left and right for years because of this exact stuff in this article. You are a citizen with rights. I am afraid that sharing it will upset too many people but want to show support. I’m currently saving money to take her to court and get shared custody, because I’m afraid of trying to get full custody which is just down right impossible, which in Texas it damn near is. I know this takes a little power away from you as a female, but it’s ok. Men have been wronged, just accept it. Now this system is nothing but a ponzy scheme for women ran by man hating feminists, As father of 3 boys I’m currently paying $2028 a month to a college educated woman with a degree who sits at home and recently just purchased a 2013 camry with child support while my bills building up my trash bill is suspended and gas utilities is off its struggle and fustrating this woman is avoiding court summons because I want a divorce..but the state has already ruled in the favor of the woman the children resides with both parents but documentation states one parent I’ve written them and called and they listen but do nothing marriage is a joke along with child support laws…not fair i love my boys just as much and more, I’m so sorry rose but you’re so full of yourself do not generalize your own perception of men or parenting values with your own personal experience thank you. Daycare, my foot. FYI I am a man of anyone was assuming I am a heartless woman. spelling?). This is totally crazy talk. I owe it to her to help with my kids, not a big deal. I could not afford to pay the payments plus the past support. Know that, your child in not a ward of any state, it is yours. Many states also charge illegal amounts of interest on child support arrears, which buries non-custodial parents in debt. Pray for strength and be glad you will never have to look your child in the eye and explain why you didn’t try. The current system does help in some instances but in this one i believe it created greed. I like I said don’t not care if my kids father pays me child support, because I know that it’s what keeps me going everyday. We pay almost $400 a month in child support for her to have her only and extra 4days a month? unbelievable- luckily he is back at work but the arrearage is now on his credit report which he was never made aware of. Check out a documentary called, DivorceCorp. In Georgia they take into account both parent’s incomes and calculate CS based on the cumulative needs of the child. I totally agree! My kids father NEVER got them. I was raised with the notion that if you don’t set expectations that anticipate some results, then don’t be shocked when the output is shabby. The same people who hate welfare are the same people who demand personal responsibility right? Exactly Ban together… Just because you pay more doesn’t mean your better. I am so very happy today that he came back to me and i achieved this with the help of ( Robinson.buckler @ yahoo. Women, we are no better, because we allow this behavior. Hes only paid child support 7 times. My babysitter offered to care for my son (live there) while I stayed in the hospital both times with my daughter. The custodial parent is also responsible for all of the child’s needs majority of the time, that’s not easy. Women these days claim they are equal to a man. Where? Don’t tell him to stop his “whining”. Try clothing four children pay for extra activities pay for sports pay for field trips snack money shoes school supplies medical expenses! Parents are supposed to support each other and their children not have children just to collect support. She changed her number and said we wouldn’t contact her and rejected all our certified letters. Sorry Child Support should be removes from the books period . As soon as the state locates his employer, he skips to another job. But today they are But then again. I don’t want a dime from her … I already pay 100%. It was one year after I divorced before I finally let my child meet my love. If I didn’t find a roommate in time I would owe a lot of money. And my 3 are the oldest. I have 2 other kids with my current wife. My brother is an even better example. And the father of your child seems like the mother of my children, she tries to control my household and finances. Gentlemen, here are some tips-1) Get an attorney whenever dealing with child support.

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