Results were sent to me within a week’s time. Paternity tests are highly accurate and reliable. Cookie Policy, Business Opportunities Paternity is a sensitive issue. Test kit and lab fees included for 1 father and 1 child, Servicing all of Australia, for Clinically Precise Testing. The fact that you are able to carry out the DNA sample collection from your own home is another reason why the DNA tests are cheaper nowadays especially when compared to the elevated costs of DNA testing through private hospitals or clinics. The results were available after 5 days and I can finally sleep better knowing the truth. Paternity testing is one of the most accurate and less complex if saliva samples are used. Legally Admissible Parentage Test. Legal and informational tests, of which this is one, are done in exactly the same manner. The #1 Home Paternity Test Kit in Australia, Get 100% accurate results with our home test kit for only $99 AUD. This company has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with from the moment I picked up the phone. Cheap paternity testing is offered by a number of DNA testing companies. Email: Discrete and accurate DNA paternity testing is instantly available. I’m very impressed! Having the mother’s DNA samples allow the DNA analyst to exclude her share of genetic inheritance and thus, have only the father genes for comparison. When you see cheap DNA tests advertised you might want to check for hidden costs; sometimes you will need to pay an added cost for the kit and an added cost for having the kit sent to you. Regular price. Cheap paternity testing is offered by a number of DNA testing companies. Terms and Conditions Place each pair of swabs in different envelopes (parent / child), then place the two smaller envelopes inside the larger envelope and mail it to the address specified in the instructions. Samples can be collected discretely in the privacy of your home and sent to us by mail or courier in 3 easy steps. Our highly trained staff of professionals is ready to talk to you and supply guidance and reassurance on these sensitive and confidential matters. Our range of services includes 21 genetic marker paternity testing which can be used for legal or home/peace of mind purposes. If you have posted samples back to us but have not received notification that they have been received please track them and check your junk or spam folder before contacting us to request an update. Click ORDER NOW, place your order and you will receive the sample collection kit in a couple of days. We will send you a DNA sample collection kit for easy at home use. Find out if you are the dad or mum of a child for legal purposes, such as in Family Law disputes and for changing birth certificates. One should definitely be cautious about the extent of a cheap test; paternity testing consists of complex and high tech laboratory analysis and thus, there is a limit to just how cheap a paternity test can be. When you order the kits if you wish you can at the same time click and order the legal chain of custody form. Call and speak to a professional. Affiliate Programme The smell of the armpit also depends on whether you have a specific gene called ABCC11 gene. Site Map, EasyDNA, The test was simple and discreet, very easy to take. If you think that in the future you may want to prove the validity of the test you are about to do, you must order this form, it costs $50 AUD and when you receive it, make as many copies as you need, one for each participant. Our offices are still open, and we are processing samples and fulfilling orders. Everything went smoothly. Receive your certified results by email, usually about three days, after your samples arrive at the Lab. Step 5 - Receive your results. Our lab is fully accredited* and every test is done by PhD level staff in our state-of-the-art facility. For more information please click here. Regular price. Paternity tests are highly accurate and reliable. We will send two separate kits if the two people to be tested are located at different addresses. Take the affordable and highly accurate DNA paternity test by DNA Solutions Australia. Order a DNA Home Kit and obtain a quick and easy answer to the question … Step 1 - Order your kit. Suite 20 HBC, There are NO EXTRA FEES. A paternity test can be done without the mother’s sample but at easyDNA we always recommend adding the mother’s sample to provide stronger, more accurate results. Cheap paternity testing is offered by a number of DNA testing companies. Cheap Paternity Testing in Australia. From $550.00. Step 4 - DNA analysis of your saliva samples in our laboratory The kit arrived within 2-3 days and instructions were very easy to follow. • Samples analysed in a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory • Results of a paternity test are in excess of99.9% accurate leaving no doubt • Our test can be carried out even without the mother’s sample • Our result is based on the analysis of 21 genetic markers • Quick results which are made available to you within 7-10 daysfrom receipt of samples The inte…. Paternity is a sensitive issue. What makes a test legal is the legal valid chain of custody form developed by our legal experts which you can order at this time. A paternity test without the mother’s samples (sometime called a motherless paternity test), will still provide an inclusion of paternity of 99.9% or higher. Collect the swab samples from the test participants. Servicing all of America from our laboratories and research centers in New York and Toronto. Return the swabs in the preaddressed envelope and your results will be available to you in about a week's time. You should consider the turnaround time and the efficiency of the customer support team. We are monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closely and are complying with the Government’s guidance for the workplace. We offer this test for $259.00 which includes testing of alleged father and one child. Once we receive the samples, we will send you an email to confirm the reception of the samples and proceed to perform the DNA test in our laboratory .

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