Caterpillar's historical manufacturing home is in Peoria, Illinois, which also has been the location of Caterpillar's world headquarters and core research and development activities. [131] Gmmco Ltd is India's No. [141] In 1994, Caterpillar offered a contract to the UAW members that would have raised the salary of top workers from $35,000 to $39,000 per year. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | DMCA Information | Contact US. Those investigations uncovered significant changes in Caterpillar's offshore tax strategy, culminating in the creation of the new Swiss subsidiary Caterpillar SARL (CSARL) in Geneva. For this reason, Caterpillar was named the "Clean Air Villain of the Month" for August 2000 by the Clean Air Trust. Asset swap. The name of Balderson, Inc., was changed to Caterpillar Work Tools, Inc. in 1998 and remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. Most likely, this is either Helvetica Compressed or Helvetica Inserat Roman. Emerson acquired Kato Engineering from Caterpillar as part of transaction. West Columbia, South Carolina, United States, Caterpillar formerly held 23.5% of ASV outstanding shares before supporting the purchase by Terex, Logistics Services & Warehousing Solutions, Caterpillar retains a 35% equity stake. Another solution considered was to lay a temporary plank road ahead of the steam tractor, but this was time-consuming, expensive, and interfered with earthmoving. Another noted, "What the heck, we will all be retired when this comes up on audit. CAT Telecom Public Company Limited is the state-owned company that runs Thailand’s international telecommunications infrastructure, including its international gateways, satellite, and submarine cable networks connections. But this also made the tractors increasingly complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Caterpillar Logo PNG CAT is the abbreviated name for Caterpillar, specializing in power plants, diesel engines, construction equipment, and various types of earthmoving and transport equipment. The bold points at the ends of the “r” are gone. In 1931, the designers changed the font, making it stricter. There are more right angles and wider lines. [14] [15] Caterpillar machinery is recognizable by its trademark "Caterpillar Yellow" livery and the "CAT" logo. As of December 2018,[134] the board of directors was composed as follows:[135], On January 1, 2017, Jim Umpleby succeeded Douglas R. Oberhelman as CEO and Dave Calhoun became non-executive chairman. Caterpillar's Mossville Engine Center formed a team to look at used oil reuse and recycle processes that forced MEC to send large amounts of used oil off-site for recycling, and developed an updated system for reclaiming it for reuse on-site. "[158], In 2004 the Office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights sent a warning letter to the company about its sales of bulldozers to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and which were used in part to destroy Palestinian farms. Caterpillar has a corporate governance structure where the chairman of the board also acts as chief executive officer (CEO). Whether you need a cute cat logo for your cafe, pet store or vet hospital, try the BrandCrowd logo maker to discover hundreds of cute cat logos. Baxter initially cut the large tractors from the company's product line and introduced smaller models focused on the agricultural market. The Caterpillar Electronics business unit has formed Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies LLC (CTCT), a 50:50 joint venture with Trimble Inc. CTCT develops positioning and control products for earthmoving and paving machines in the construction and mining industries, using technologies such as GNSS, optical total stations, lasers, and sonics. Caterpillar ranked 44th among United States corporations in the value of wartime military production contracts. [155], In July 1999, Caterpillar and five other diesel engine manufacturers signed a consent decree with the Justice Department and the State of California, after governmental investigations revealed violations of the Clean Air Act. [165] Economic development projects in developing countries (particularly in rural, agricultural regions) serve as new markets for Caterpillar products by improving political and economic stability and raising average incomes. 2011 recipient of the Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology from the National Building Museum.

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