Cupressus glabra‘Carolina Safire’ -- Smooth-Barked Arizona Cypress Page 3 Verticillium wilt susceptibility: not known to be Figure 3. Prunus Caroliniana - Carolina Laurel Cherry is a large evergreen shrub or small tree. Both trees bloom in late spring and are renowned for adding stunning color to the desert with their clusters of golden blossoms. 20 OZ 12-PACKs FOR $22.99 SHOP NOW SUBSCRIBE TO SAVE ON ALL DRINKS & MIX In spring, fragrant, white flowers on small spikes bloom, followed by black fruits. Two varieties of this tree make their home in the Grand Canyon State – the Foothill Palo Verde and the Blue Palo Verde. The Arizona State tree is the Palo Verde. Cherry Laurel (Prunus Caroliniana). Cherry laurel or Carolina cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) is a small tree or large shrub native to the southern U.S. Water-Wise; As a hedge, it can be trained up to 20 ft, as a tree it can reach up to 40 ft. abundant fruit and flower drop can be a problem when planted over paved areas, but is generally not a problem if it is used as a hedge and clipped regularly. Carolina Cherry Prunus caroliniana. Full Sun – Evergreen; Moderate Water, needs no water once established. Use as a screen, windbreak, hedge or border. Carolina Cherry Laurel grows 20-30' tall in a columnar fashion, making three of them perfect to shade the west corner of our house from Florida's sun. Grows with an upright habit. Good Brew That Fresh home-brewed taste You Remember. Scientific: Prunus cerasifera Common: purple leaf plum, Myrobalan plum, purple pony cherry tree, Allred cherry tree Family: Rosaceae Origin: Southwest Asia Pronounciation: PRU-nus sir-as-ci-FEAR-a Hardiness zones: Sunset 2-22 USDA 2-11. Evergreen tree or multibranched shrub with dark green, glossy leaves. It is very effective as a tall screen hedge. Plant with Indian Hawthorn 'Pink Dancer' Characteristics Landscape Size: 20'-30' tall, 15'- Foliage of Smooth-Barked Arizona Cypress.

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