American University of Antigua. Many Caribbean medical students rotate among students from some of the most well-respected schools in the U.S., and in my experience, their clinical knowledge and skills are easily comparable. Medical school is an undeniably large investment, regardless of institution. Typically, these four Caribbean medical schools, known as “The Big Four,” have a reputation for being the best option for students who will ultimately return to … It is CAAM-HP accredited, which means that … The American University of Antigua is one of the newer Caribbean medical schools. It’s even built solid relationships with hospitals and schools in … However, Caribbean medical schools offer an alternative for people like my son, whom all grade in Canada’s university is 92% and over, and MCAT was on the top and he did not received any admission or even interview for admission to any Canada’s medical university due to this spot are offered for international student who pay more money. Some may still look at it with judgment, but ultimately, it’s about being able to demonstrate knowledge and competency. Offshore medical schools in the Caribbean primarily train students from the United States and Canada who intend to return home for residency and clinical practice after graduation. A Caribbean medical school education is not a scarlet letter. This medical school offers international learning experiences and a diverse learning community with an emphasis on engagement and social accountability. Many people consider the American University of Antigua the top medical school in the Caribbean and it ranks consistently highly in lists of the best medical schools. American University of Antigua. New boutique medical school with the most state-of-the-art campus in the Caribbean. Medical schools in the Caribbean have historically provided an alternative path to students with lower stats who might have otherwise given up on their dreams of practicing medicine. Despite being established as recently as 2004, the school has already developed a good reputation. Myth # 4: Caribbean medical schools will take your money and abandon you. Incredible outcomes. Discover personalized medical education. And the benefits are mutual—international medical graduates (IMGs) play an important part in the American healthcare system, comprising over a quarter of the U.S. physician workforce . Most offshore schools are dual-campus programs: basic sciences are completed in the Caribbean, while clinical clerkships are completed at teaching hospitals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. According to … 1.

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