It has all the requirements for this crop – abundant water from the Rhône delta, sun, and the mistral wind, which dries the rice naturally after harvest. Especially around late summer and fall, the floral scent of saffron, garlic and roast chicken fills the air around the square and in many of the city’s alleys. To serveTurn out each ramekin onto a plate, add the salad, the sauce and the rice biscuits. None of it is genetically modified and you can find out exactly which farm your rice comes from.”. However, he says that in terms of quality, the Riz de Camargue is one of the best, one of the healthiest and certainly the one with the highest traceability:“Our rice is a premium rice. A look at the traditional rice cultivation in the region, and a yummy recipe too! Rice and salt are the regional delicacies and this natural landscape between the Rhône and the sea is rousing: The reeds and rice plants rustle in the wind, black bulls graze in the vast green scenery and the famous pink flamingos stand in large groups on the sand bars and salt pans that rise out of the water everywhere. Humans have lived in the Camargue for millennia, greatly affecting it with drainage schemes, dykes, rice paddies and salt pans. All of these can be grown in the Camargue, except Basmati, which requires a tropical climate. 3. A knob of butter and a little salt are usually all it needs! Today, rice farmers continue to take advantage of the ideal climate conditions. Much of the outer Camargue has been drained for agricultural purposes. Cooking tips : fast (10 minuts in boiling water) and easy to cook. European quality mark awarded officially since June 6, 2000, the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) helps to protect the name "Rice of Camargue" in the entire European Union. Doesn’t paella come from Spain? The Camargue has an eponymous horse breed, the famous white Camarguais. We source premier short grain, red rice with its hull intact for the world-class texture, flavor and color of our Camargue (French Red) Rice. “Competition is therefore rife and often there is zero traceability, so you cannot be sure what processes the rice on your dish has gone through.”. What Brexit means for British residents, second homeowners and visitors in France - now and after December 31, 2020. Camargue (French Red) Rice is grown in the eponymous region of Southeastern France, featuring a beautiful red russet color and wonderful nutty flavor. Add the parsley. I recommend our Bayonne ham and Camargue rice makis to sate the wanderlust and tide you over until the next trip. On average each person in the world consumes 54 kilos a year. Rice imports had stopped due to the war and the emerging independence of the French colony of Indochina had also awakened an interest in the old cereal farms in the Camargue delta. The family sell their rice directly to supermarkets. Today some 250 rice growers in the Camargue produce about 110,000 tons of rice a … To grow, rice needs heat first and foremost, with the roots in water and the plants exposed to wind. Laser-guided levelsDuring the rest of autumn and winter, each field is dried and levelled with the aid of a laser-guided blade as the surface must be as flat as possible. Barely 30 minutes away by car (you won’t find many of those inside the city walls, the traffic-calming measures in Arles are exemplary) is the heart of the Parc naturel régional de Camargue and the adjoining salt lagoons known as étangs. Cook each rice separately, mid-way through cooking season, and add the olive oil when cooked, and stir in with a fork. Now sushi is very popular. He says it is also important for maintaining the eco-system of the Camargue: “It is the largest wetland zone in Europe and that is because of the water used to grow rice. In the 19th century rice growing increased alongside other cereals and grapes. The Rice. Drain the Camargue rice in a mesh strainer for about 10 seconds and return it to the saucepan. Method1. October is harvest time for rice in the Camargue, where 200 rice farmers produce 80,000 tonnes a year from 15,000 hectares of land in the only rice region of France. Rice, which is one of the most consumed foods in the world, appeared quite late in France. Cowboys. © English Language Media 2020, All rights reserved. The first cultivation of rice in the Camargue dates back to around 1600. The high-quality Camargue rice that we appreciate and enjoy today has been around since the end of the Second World War. In pans everywhere, lunchtime Paella camarguaise is simmering away in the open air. They produce black, red, naturally perfumed, sushi, risotto and long white rice. They keep the rice plants dry and protect them from infestation. Camargue rice - … They must control weeds and watch out for coypu, shrimps and flamingos which can destroy a crop. Once the husk is removed, the bran is a brownish-red colour. Its predominantly sunny days and stable temperatures combine perfectly with the mistral winds that constantly blow through the delta between the river and the sea here. Boil the rice just as you would pasta, in a large pot of boiling salted water, for 30 minutes, or until it … Its qualities come from the exceptionnal land, sun and wind of Camargue. However during the war years, rice became an important food source and production increased. Its world production is massive. “One of my favourites is red rice which is very good for your health and it can lower cholesterol levels.”.

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