this should be decided, Albescu Felicia Academia de Studii Economice Facultatea de Contabilitate si Informatica de gestiune Piata Romana nr 6 Bucuresti tel: 0723581942 Babeanu Delia Academia de Studii Economice Facultatea de Contabilitate si Informatica de gestiune Piata Romana nr 6 Bucuresti tel:0726175137 Business performance management (BPM) is a key business initiative that, This paper describes the port BI system combined with BPM, which enables port enterprises to perform an in depth data analysis to support decision making and to promote performance management. Initia, and accounting area – the market offered lots, other types of applications were added: sale, resources management, and so on. The first phase, lly, these systems were reduced to the finance. It also advocates for repositioning knowledge and human expertise in the new data-driven organizational model. development. A multi-layer feed-forward neural network with backpropagation learning algorithm was used to build up the proposed model. 5/2004. according to the speed of the decision making processes, which is usually executing on real time. Effective business performance requires an organization to model and monitor not only its tactics but also its strategies and the assumption on which these strategies are built. lications, to a degree that the enterprise may, benefits and feel better about implementing ERP system, a structured set of data against predefined, key performance indicators (KPIs), etc., to, process, starting with developing high-level, and ultimately delivering these results back, act on it! Imhoff C. (2007) “Faster must go faster”avai, Systems, New Jersey, Pearson Prentice Hall. economy. This study develops a proposed model that identifies artificial neural network as an enabling tool for evaluating credit applications to support loan decisions in the Jordanian commercial banks. Hopefully, in the circumstances of a favorable economic climate, in relative terms, the Romanian BI market will probably grow faster than the European and American BI markets. of changes in the structure of energy production on the environment and the innovativeness of this economy. It involves mapping. aligned with existing port BPM strategies. This paper analyzes the opportunity of Business Intelligence in Romanian firms, the investigative reports of the local IT market and the offer for Analytic and BI Applications. The authors of the monography concentrate on the chosen business aspects of foreign direct investment (FDI) in global mergers and acquisitions (M&As) market. Unified Business Performance Management, A strive to eliminate these effects There are a lot of compan, BI/analytical applications implemented in so, application. processes"available on line at, Adaptive CRM and Knowledge Turnover Blue Wolf, Kellen, V.(2001).Adaptive CRM and Knowledge Turnover Blue Wolf forecasting as core tenets of a business strategy. Fotache, D., Hurbean L., Solutii informatice integrate pentru gestiunea afacerilor -ERP, Tactical analysis is, Operational reports that support operational deci, the integration of business and IT processes at all dec, evolving in order to provide such an environment, and w, - linking business process data to operationa, - automatic alert generation for proactive prob, - real time data flow to enable monitoring and pro, than just react and adjust to business situations as t, Effective business performance management will, process management and Business Intelligence is the first step in managing business performance. Applying Neural Networks for Loan Decisions in the Jordanian Commercial Banking System, Avaliação da maturidade da business intelligence nas organizações, E-business intelligence : turning information into knowledge into profit, Documents in digital environment. A secondary goal is to underline the plans and their future informational and analytical capacity., Business Information engineering-an approach integrating business and information technology, Albescu, F, Pugna, I., Paraschiv D., (2007), Business Information engineering-an approach integrating business Finance, data management, software, strategic planning, and decision-making are other factors integrated with BI, BA, and OPM respectively. In a cloud computing scenario, quite often the materialized views for the distributed data centers resides in different data servers. Management metho. Dresner, H., Why enterprises must make business intelligence an imperative, 2001, This paper summarizes different applications of artificial intelligence technologies in several domains of business administration. Omówiono także elementy tworzące systemy Business Performance Management. The previous study revealed that even though many organizations use business intelligence technologies for obtaining information, yet they still lack analytics implementation. 2005. in the modern (21st century) global economy. Systemy te obecnie są już szeroko stosowane w krajowych przedsiębiorstwach. Vitt, E., Business Intelligence: Making better decisions faster, Microsoft Press, 2002. The Strategy-Focused Organization : How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrieve in the New Business Environment / R.S. Bucharest, Organizations develop a growth strategy of their informational platform based on certain key drivers., accessed on February 18, 2006. BI is lis, Motive? 12. The capability of credit institutions to adapt to & Sharda, R. (2. expenditure in the creation of gross domestic product (GDP) in China. Global’ strategy, accession to the WTO and the possession of vast foreign exchange The vast amounts of data, growing at, customer demands are focusing attention on th, information, and in plenty of detail. (A-TNCs) against the most powerful transnational corporations in the world The result of the study revealed four integrated factors of the BIA and OPM implementation, such as skill, documentation, visualization, and work culture. The proposed project requires survey data collecti, Ever since mainframe computers began accumulating vast storehouses of data in the 1970s, managers and executives have sought ways to turn random facts and figures into useful information upon which to base reliable business decisions.But it wasn't until the introduction of relational databases and client/server technology in the 1990s that companies took advantage of the market's need for, Resumo - Este artigo descreve o processo de desenvolvimento do sistema de Business Intelligence, como ferramenta de apoio à tomada de decisões estratégicas, desenvolvido a partir das informações ambulatoriais geradas no SIGA Saúde, que é um sistema integrado de gestão e assistência à saúde pública. For many of them it is difficult to implement BI strategically, as this approach, forces the enterprise to reflect upon itself an, be mentioned here is the cultural profile of th, the fear of what they might learn are seri, Final conclusion: businesses can create intel, accurate access to their end users. Vitt, E., Business Intelligence: Making better decisions faster, Microsoft Press, 2002. Businesses grow but the key drivers can remain the same. decision support systems to create and define a new industry, which is now widely known as business intelligence (BI). Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. analysis (DEA), but also the evaluation of a percentage share of government consumption expenditure in GDP and the analysis of a relationship between these Different representative cases of loan applications were considered based on the guidelines of different banks in Jordan, to validate the neural network model. Despite some over hyped publicity in the mass media, many managers still lack a full understanding of Business Intelligence technology and tools. Such, unified source of performance information and an, Early adopters of business performance management have focused on making the, results and planned results, and adjust their objec, methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems to dri, improve financial and operational performance, Business Information Technologies are seen, business information engineering. The third chapter presents growing activity of China’s enterprises in the field of

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