The author includes the fret measurements for three fret positions for the fret board. Pull the string until the bead on the other end of the string makes contact with the back of the bridge. If you're havin' fun you can do no wrong on a banjo.. lazylightningny - Posted - 11/20/2011:  04:47:49. Cut the left long edge of the banjo, the one which has the fifth string "bump." Edited by - Dexter on 11/18/2011 11:18:25, bearface - Posted - 11/18/2011:  15:55:33, here is a couple pictures of my pb-1 coversion, bearface - Posted - 11/18/2011:  15:56:32, bearface - Posted - 11/18/2011:  16:01:57, fairbanksbanjo - Posted - 11/18/2011:  19:47:54. It might be possible if you found a Plectrum neck and it was on the wide side and could be carved to 5 string shape but you still might wind up with narrow string spacing. 4 watchers. Lee Simmons has 10 years of reporting experience covering a variety of issues for publications in South Carolina, California, and Texas. The machined neck comes with a truss-rod slot, and the heel is shaped to fit the rim. Condition is "New". Thanks for the input folks. 13 items found from eBay international sellers. Making a playable neck that looks like it came with the banjo... ahhh, there's the hard part. I've done a boatload of 'em. All Rights Reserved. $600 . The neck was brought for a banjo build that I had in mind but never started its a lovely built neck which would be just right for an open back pot cut for a 5/8 bridge. I have a Slingerland 5 string that needs extensive neck repair, and I think it would be easier to just get a new neck. by Richie Dotson Once in a great while an opportunity is presented that may never come again. Cut the end of each string at the tuner peg with scissors, leaving about a 1/4-inch length of string. Ear wood included but not glued in place. The neck is reinforced. An armrest A tailpiece Strings String nuts Bridge Coordinator rods or mounting nuts The pot assembly. Has anyone ever tried converting a 4 string neck into a 5 string? I saw one of your conversion videos on youtube. OldPappy - Posted - 11/18/2011:  09:17:38. 5 hrs. He lives in Austin. SOLD #162 Gibson RB 250 Mastertone . Banjo strings are typically made of wound steel or metal. The 5th string peghole is not drilled, and the fingerboard and peghead veneer are not included. Pull the string until the bead on the bottom end makes contact with the bridge. Blue Moon Open Back 5 STRING BANJO. Depending on how badly damaged your current neck is, you might be able to peel & use the current fingerboard. Making a playable neck isn't tremendously difficult. Buy It Now. Width at the nut is 1-3/16" (30.16mm). bearface - Posted - 11/16/2011:  17:26:11, I am currently converting a trashed 1920sPlectrum to 5 string .it is easier to make one than To convert one .your five may be repairable, mike gregory - Posted - 11/17/2011:  07:22:11. Step 2: Preparing the Neck.. Serial #127175. Patience is a virtue, as they say. MORE PICTURES. Search. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. The strings are attached to a bridge at the bottom of the instrument and run the length of the neck to tuner pegs--four at the headstock, and a fifth for the high G string located on the neck at the fifth fret. It would not hurt a thing to have that string out there with nothing under it, since the only place I would be touchin it would be over the head.I have seen that done a couple times, played on one once, and it worked okay.A lot of tenors have shorter necks than a 5 string, but you can put some heavier strings on them and get them to tune okay.

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