com Athreos Apostles; com Bad Dragons; com Breya Treasure; com Burn; com Child of Alara; com Dinosaurs; com Fight Club; com Forests are Tight; com Freyalise Elves; com G/B Merfolk Explore; com Golos Degenerate; com Hydra Devotion; com Jarad Rats; com Jhoira Artifacts; com Kaalia; com Kestia; com Kim's Sigarda Deck; com Knight Tribal; com Ramos Commander; com Rhys Tokens; com Sliver … Close. Breya is a 4/4 for 4 mana. Posted by 2 years ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . EDH, to me, is a brewer’s paradise with nigh unlimited possibilities. UNTAGGED. r/EDH: Reddit's #1 source for EDH and Commander content. This isn't something to really write about, but her abilities are where her stats get really good. Im sure im not the first to post this, but dont pirates seem to be tailor made for Breya? r/EDH. For those that don't know, Breya was released in the commander 2016 preconstructed decks, and made an impact on the format immediately. Breya is a hot topic commander as of late, and is obviously a solid combo commander. Hey folks! Abilities: Breya's first ability creates two 1/1 blue Thopter creature tokens. Not bad as far as stats go but is pretty generic for that cost. (100 cards, 98 distinct) - Urza, Lord High Artificer, Dockside Extortionist, Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Anointed Procession, Rhystic Study, Cyclonic Rift March 21, 2019 by Ben Doolittle . r/EDH. 11. Archived. Help with comboless Breya! 7. Press J to jump to the feed. As many well versed EDH players know, Breya, Etherium Shaper is a well defined commander, both in fun, artifact tribal decks and extremely competitive, fast playgroups. 11. DECK HELP. Breya’s the biggest token-maker in town. Breya's greatest strength is her versatility, as she can kill creatures, … Help with comboless Breya! User account menu. Pirate Breya!!! Posted by 2 years ago. He runs 4 different decks, one being a [[Breya]] deck that will absolutely combo you out of nowhere as early as turn 3-4 (although more regularly it's like turn 6-10 since we know to focus him). log in sign up. #4 color, #aristocrats, #artifacts, #black, #blue, #breya etherium shaper, #combo, #red, #sacrifice, #tokens, #treasure, #white Read More » Conditions Allow – Rakdos the Defiler. Close. DECK HELP. Alternative Outcomes seeks to use the power of EDHREC to help identify key cards and unique interactions in existing archetypes that help bring our alternative brews to life. UNTAGGED. Archived. r/EDH: Reddit's #1 source for EDH and Commander content. 7. log in sign up. User account menu. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Taking Standard’s Jund Food deck and turning it into an EDH deck! ... green-white. Press J to jump to the feed. Pirate Breya!!! EDH .

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