Facebook Tweet Email. Occasionally you may find fresh fruit but it is quite rare in the U.S. You can obtain bottled juice or dry, powdered yuzu. You are usually better off looking for the bottled juice which, although also rare, can be a decent substitute. Yuzu fruit is typically only available in autumn/winter, and can be very expensive for even one fruit that does not yield that much juice at all. Yuzu juice can be found in some Asian supermarkets. Advertisement. Save Pin Print. This Yuzu is absolutely top shelf. Cooks' Ingredients Yuzu Juice Waitrose 60ml ... but I still felt that the bottled puree lacked something essential. If you want a distinctive yuzu flavour, you'd probably be better off with a jar of Korean yuja tea, which is like a runny preserve and is easy to use in recipes. The other issue is the very short best-before date, at least on the bottle that I received. It is mostly available as a bottled sauce or juice. Send Text Message. More. Native to Japan, yuzu is an oriental citrus fruit with a bumpy, yellow-green exterior, a thick rind, and lots of seeds. 2 ½ tablespoons bottled yuzu juice Directions Instructions Checklist Step 1 Whisk together powdered sugar and yuzu juice until smooth. Loaded with an exotic and intense citrus flavour that is more potent than lemons or limes, the juice of yuzu fruits is commercially extracted, bottled, and shipped to locations all over the world. Advertisement. If anyone has even made it this far to look for Yuzu online it's because it's just not that easy to find in even Japanese markets. Can You Grow Yuzu. https://punchdrink.com/articles/year-of-yuzu-juice-cocktail-recipe You can also find yuzu juice on Amazon. Grown in China and Japan, yuzu is often added to fish and vegetables. Yuzu smells like lime and has a very sharp, sour citrus taste. Yuzu’s scarcity outside of Asia has driven many individuals to attempt to grow their own. Reviews Add Rating & Review Be the first to rate and review!

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