This bird is glossy black with a wide fork to the tail. … ... 28 cm in length, and will attack much larger species if their nest or young are threatened. The Black Drongo has distinctive formed tail. It feeds on insects and measure 28c in length. This bird is common resident breeder of Iran, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia. Vampires: Fast and tough, they leap into and out of combat. Mindflayer: Slow but deadly psychic creatures. Hatman: A shadowman with a hat. The Black Drongo is the small Asian passerine bird of the drongo family. Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a very common breeding resident bird, found in open areas, wetlands and near cultivation. I have mentioned before about the black drongos here on Guam that attack during nesting season. The Black Drongo Dicrurus macrocercus, is a small Asian drongo. Although small, these birds are famous for being fearless and will attack and dive-bomb almost any other bird, even birds of prey, which enter their territories. Can attack with melee and leaps. The black drongo is a small Asian bird, commonly found in India, Iran and Sri Lanka. All black, the black drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a small Asian passerine bird. They can teleport and attack with psychic blasts. Black Drongo, with fully developed tail at Pune, India The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus), also known as the King Crow, is a small Asian passerine bird of the drongo family Dicruridae. Geographically, the Fork-tailed Drongo is restricted to Africa, while the Black Drongo is an Asian species. Their powers allow them to attack from a distance. The Black Drongo is a common resident breeder in much of tropical southern Asia from southwest Iran through India and Sri Lanka east to southern China and Indonesia This species was earlier lumped with the African species which is now referred to as Dicrurus adsimilis. This is a glossy black bird with a long deeply forked tail. This black bird belongs to drongo family Dicruridae. ... 28 cm in length, and will attack much larger species if their nest or young are threatened. Shadowman: These beings are completely black. Previously Blak Drongo was considered as a subspecies of the African Fork-tailed Drongo; but it is now recognized as a full species.

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