The wild cherry (Prunus Serotina), also known as black cherry, has a geographic distribution from Maine to Florida in the United States and grows as far west as Oklahoma and Minnesota. Black Tartarian Cherry Tree requires 700 - 800 chill hours. A mature tree has very broken, dark grey to black bark. Dwarf Black Tartarian Cherry trees are heavy bearers and vigorous growers that require little pruning or maintenance. The cherries are about a third of an inch around and change in color from orange to red to black. The flesh is dark red, juicy, very rich and delicious. Black Cherry. The Black Tartarian Cherry is a medium sized purplish-black sweet cherry. The leaves can grow 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Eat your organic black cherries right off the tree. The leaves are long and shiny, resembling a … It is found in forests, and also in open fields, second-growth woodlands, and along fence-rows. Its strong, heavy wood has been used extensively for furniture, veneer, and interior finish. Sweet cherries make an excellent specialty jam. The flowers give rise to reddish-black "berries" fed on by birds, 5–10 mm (1 ⁄ 4 – 3 ⁄ 8 in) in diameter. The tree grows on deep, moist but well-drained, fertile soils. This erect tree is a productive and vigorous grower. This is one of the most valuable timber trees in Ohio. For about its first decade the bark of a black cherry tree is thin, smooth, and banded, resembling a birch. The tree needs pollination and the fruit ripens late June. In the fall, black cherry leaves turn a vibrant yellow. Wild cherry is a common tree in open fields, according to the Ohio Department of Natural website and a species that grows rapidly. A study at the Medical College of Ohio found that ellagic acid found in cherries may inhibit cancer-causing chemicals in DNA. The bark of the black cherry tree is dark and flaky; some say it resembles burnt cornflakes. Prunus serotina. Black Cherry Prunus serotina.

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