View all tests, ratings and awards for the emotivaupa500. Emotiva TA-100 Integrated Amplifier -- A Pleasure To Use . The UPA-5 has a large 600VA transformer in addition to 90,000µF of secondary capacitance so it will always have the power to drive all 5 channels at the rates 125 watts (into 8 ohm, 185 WPC at 4 ohm). Emotiva UMC-200 seven-channel surround processor (top) and UPA-500 amplifier Emotiva . Overall, the Emotiva feels incredibly well built, very sturdy, and is a very heavy piece of equipment. But I get the impression from reading their forum (consumer complaints that turn into flame wars!) Emotiva UPA-500 Five-Channel Power Amplifier 7.7 out of 10. based on 133 ratings. Emotiva UPA-500 Five-Channel Power Amplifier review. "Emotiva UPA-500 Five-Channel Power Amplifier". We have 1 review of Emotiva UPA-500 with a score of 90%. FOOD BURNER … CHECK PRICE UPDATE !!! I've been following Emotiva since Dec of 2008 when I bought a UPA-7 from them. Emotiva RMC-1 16 Channel Reference Cinema Processor . If you are finding for Emotiva UPA-500 Five-Channel Power Amplifier, you're come to the right place. Check low price and buy now !!! HI-FI Trends June 2019. Emotiva PA-1 Balanced Class-D Power Amplifier . Hi-Fi News June 2019. The A500 is a virtual clone of the UPA-500. HomeTheaterReview November 2019. While it may NOT be a perfect amplifier, it comes as close to perfection for a product beyond its price class. The Outlaw amp is built like Emotiva used to build their lower end amps. Emotiva XPS-1 Phono Amp . Check Price Update Read More Reviews. Secrets of … The UPA-500 delivers clean, low noise, meaty amplification that will surely bring new life to a whimpering department store A/V receiver. September 24, 2012 EH Staff. I'd buy the Outlaw over the Emotiva. Back in February I first posed the question, "Do separate components sound better than AV receivers?" Very nice very stout amp that can drive 99% of the speakers made IMO. The first Emotiva amp I bought was the UPA-7, it was 68 pounds and ran as cool as a cucumber, and seemed to have … Review: Emotiva UPA-500 5-Channel Power Amplifier This new amp comes pretty close to perfection, especially for a product beyond its price class. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product. Emotiva BasX TA-100 Amplifier/DAC . For the record I had no problems with it or any of the amps I've bought from them since - or the second hand amps. I also had an Emotiva UPA-500 5 channel amp for a time. Audio Science Review May 2019. Audio Science Review November 2019. The UPA-500 and it's a new five channel amplifier from Emotiva with a price tag under $400. I've owned quite a few Emotiva amps and one Outlaw amp, the 7075.

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