Birch Wood Characteristics. Working Characteristics: Birch hardwood is fairly easy to work with. For centuries, parquet..., There are a few rooms in the house where solid or engineered hardwood just isn’t the most practical. Paper birch, also known as white birch, is used for lumber, veneer, plywood and pulpwood, and its smooth uniform texture makes it a popular choice for household items, toys and products such as wooden spoons and toothpicks. Birch is a very heavy, strong, durable wood. Back. However, over time little dents and dings will appear, plus the physical appearance of the wood will change as your floors age. It is also used as a substitute for mahogany and walnut. It is perfect for commercial spaces or busy rooms. GRADE: The Variation grade features moderate to pronounced color variation from light to dark as well as wood characteristics. Birch hardwood flooring is one of the most popular wood species to be used for interior spaces. A light colored wood which is also popular for furniture. With its good machining qualities, birch wood sands satisfactorily and has excellent holding ability when nailed. Pale yellow (tan) to reddish brown in color. Birch wood has an even texture with a straight, closed grain. Learn more about available grades of Birch hardwood flooring: phone: (518) 623-9339 • email: Yellow birch is 1260, comparable to white oak (seven percent softer). Birch also has enough color variation to appeal to all decorating tastes. MAIN USES Furniture, millwork and paneling, doors, flooring… Characteristics include random sized tight knots and rays. We’ll give you unbiased information to get you exactly what you want. Choosing wood that has the color you want without staining will maximize the longevity of your floors. Birch has a small degree of luster, making it seem almost dull in appearance. If you’re installing commercial flooring in a commercial space, birch floors can stand up to a steady flow of foot traffic. A fine-grained hardwood similar to Cherry, Birch, and Maple. Birch trees are members of the Betula family and grows abundantly in North America. Birch species range from the upper-lower to the upper-middle end of the Janka hardness scale. Birch is a modern choice for a hardwood flooring. Birch is used for structural and exposed parts of furniture and veneers. Birch is tough, so you won’t have to repair or refinish a lot of damage. If you have questions about the right wood or type of hardwood flooring for you, schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert. T&G Flooring has several selections of solid and engineered Birch … However, there is a distinct benefit to not staining your birch floors. Birch wood flooring is derived from the birch tree, which is native to the Northern Hemisphere. COLOR: Bavaria is a dark color that features rich brown undertones while enhancing the natural characteristics of the wood. T&G Flooring is one of the biggest wood flooring retailers in Colorado. You won’t have to worry about sanding past the stain and having to restain your floors, as well. Depending on your decorating style, you can find birch that is light and creamy, or darker in color. Sweet birch is sometimes called “black birch” or “cherry birch.” Paper birch also goes by the names “white birch,” “canoe birch,” and “silver birch.”. Other Names and Species: The type of birch most commonly used for wood flooring is yellow birch (betula alleghaniensis). However, sweet birch (betula lenta) and paper birch (betula papyrifera) are also frequently used for this purpose. The sapwood of yellow birch ranges from pale white to creamy yellow, while the heartwood tends to be a light-reddish brown with a red tinge. Wood Floors Home » Wood Types » Birch. Rooms that... Birch flooring is available as an engineered floor or as a solid hardwood floor. However, sweet birch (betula lenta) and paper birch (betula papyrifera) are also frequently used for this purpose. Some birch varieties will also have a very cool mix of golden toned, mixed with brownish and red tones. Cherry characteristics are moderate hardness, greater strength, durability, good shock BIRCH WOOD Usually used as a paint grade or secondary wood Very common domestic timber Occasionally highly figured material is found and is called “Flame Birch” Tough to work, susceptible to chatter Very brittle wood that tears out with dull tools Birch is a hard and versatile wood, and great for flooring. T&G Flooring has several selections of solid and engineered birch flooring from trusted brands. Equally popular and similarly durable is oak hardwood, which has been used for floors, boats and barrels for centuries. By contrast, the sapwood of sweet birch is light-colored, whereas the heartwood is dark brown with a red tinge. A soft, light wood with even texture and straight grain that accepts stain well. Birch Hardwood Floor. When installing Birch hardwood flooring it is best to keep the home's relative humidity levels between 35% to 50%, before, during, and after installation. Sweet birch is ranked at 1470, which is just one percent harder than hard maple. Don’t let its soft look fool you, birch flooring is harder than oak. Characteristics & Color Variations of Wood Flooring With Knots Birch is a hardwood harvested in most of the Northern Hemisphere. The type of birch most commonly used for wood flooring is yellow birch (betula alleghaniensis). Both woods make great flooring for your space, but there are some differences. The grain is smooth and subtle, giving your birch floors a nice even look. It is possible to stain birch wood the color you want. Benefits and Characteristics of Birch Wood Flooring,,, Two Styles of Parquet Hardwood Flooring, Parquet floors are going from the ballroom to the bedroom and all the rooms in between.

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