Protective finish – Every hardwood flooring product has a protective finish, and … Yellow Birch. Birch does not resist moisture well and may show separation in the planks after being exposed to moisture. These facets make it expensive and a bit unattainable for people with monetary constraints. Oak is the most common type of hardwood in the United States, especially in Westchester county. Thus, the flooring options manufacturers or suppliers have multiple options with engineered, laminate and vinyl flooring. There are many advantageous quintessence of hardwood, which you must consider. Sunday – Closed, Select locationEtobicoke locationStoney Creek store, Mon – Fri: 9:30 am- 6:30 pm While golden or yellow birch strikes a contrast with your red curtain, beige colored walls are complemented by red birch. Saturday – 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM Birch is cheap flooring, that is just not as hard wearing (or beautiful) as oak. With the installation of oak, birch and maple flooring at home you might become a little home-sick. It is easy to maintain with simple sweeping and dusting. Birch … People choose it because of price. , STONEY CREEK, ON L8E 5R9, Weekdays – 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM 524 EVANS AVENUE,ETOBICOKE TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA M8W 2V4, Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Oak, Birch and Maple: Excellence of Hardwood Flooring. Oak hardwood flooring. Today, oak is the more common flooring material, but, over the years, birch (especially yellow birch) has been used very successfully as an attractive and durable floor material, especially in the parts of the country where it naturally grows. Differences between oak versus birch versus hickory, for instance, can be significant in terms of lifestyle and maintenance needs. The species Birch can be broken down into two varieties of hardwood flooring: Yellow Birch and Red Birch flooring. Birch is often used as a filler wood in engineered hardwoods and some plywoods. You will know when you experience these hardwood species. But with its ample range of colors and dimensions, it adds a lot of charisma to your home. People choose it because of price. Careful use of curtains around the flooring can help prevent this problem. J. Lang Wood's stories, essays and articles have been seen in journals across the country and online. If thoughts of molds scare you, then appropriate disinfectant will help you to get rid of mold spores. Blessed with inherent durability, birch wood is incredible and is absolutely stress-free to maintain. Differences between oak versus birch versus hickory, for instance, can be significant in terms of lifestyle and maintenance needs. ... but as a less expensive substitute vs maple. The colouring of Birch flooring is much the same as Beech, with broader market distribution, thus a little easier to get bits and pieces of trim & steps to finish off the job... click here for more info about birch hardwood floors.. ... Oak hardwood flooring… Unlike carpets or rugs, wood floors do not trap in animal odors and other objectionable entries. Birch is a hardwood harvested in most of the Northern Hemisphere. Even with such favourable substitutes, hardwood is still meant forever and always. Sunday – closed, Oak, Birch and Maple: Excellence of Hardwood Flooring, Ways to Analyze the Quality of Hardwood Flooring Materials. Being non-toxic, it is environment-friendly and suitable for people prone to allergies. Birch flooring choices are not as widely available as other hardwood types. The wood floors are quite easy to maintain. No, absolutely not. Sat: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm Some manufacturers of hardwood flooring offer collection of both varieties, some only work with Yellow Birch. It comes in a variety of color tones that makes decorating around your oak floors easy. Had we bought in Half Moon Bay and had access to Mirage flooring I would have went with the Alaska color (white). The striking grainy texture makes it one of the most reliable forms of hardwood. ... (1450 on Janka hardness scale vs. Red Oak at 1290) and it is lighter in color than oak. Why? We picked a pewter stain which I think makes it a little more palatable. Sunday – closed, 1266 SOUTH SERVICE Rd. It resists wear moderately well and provides a warm and attractive flooring surface that goes with a variety of décor styles. Its undertones are reddish, but the overall hue of the wood is a … The oak colors are generally warm and neutral, adding to an elegant feel. The variations in grains that are natural to the wood, such as the lighter sapwood and darker heartwood, may not suit those who prefer a uniform coloring. Selecting wood flooring from this vast array of materials can be confusing when it comes to the hardness of the different types of wood and their wear capabilities. Maple would be a better option for a light floor instead of birch, as it is more stable and harder … Because it is a very dense wood that is difficult to work with, it must be installed by a professional contractor, according to The Flooring Site. It comes in a range of tones, from light tan to reddish-brown and variations in between. Some birch woods are also softer and may scratch more easily under heavy foot traffic. These facets make it expensive and a bit unattainable for people with monetary constraints. In the decision between hickory vs. birch wood floors, learning more about the materials and determining what you need out of your new floors can help you choose the wood that will look great for years to … Better Hardwoods: Advantages & Disadvantages of Popular Hardwood Varieties. The limitless availability of natural-wood shades bettered with patterns of grains cannot be subdued by man-made replication. Thus, ease of repairing and refinishing lets you turn the same floor around at minimum cost. Sat: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm Do you need to avail solid wood just because they are visibly spectacular? Oak flooring has a tendency to darken over time, which means some homeowners may not end up with the same color they liked when they chose the flooring initially. Oak: Oak is present in abundance, not only in variety but also in quantity. Hardwood as the name suggests is blessed by nature with integral strength and durability. Red Oak has a very visible grain pattern. After all, your home of fantasy is worth this one-time investment. ... (1450 on Janka hardness scale vs. Red Oak at 1290) and it is lighter in color than oak. Choose from a wide range of woods for your hardwood flooring. ... but as a less expensive substitute vs maple. Birch versus oak is a popular rivalry in the wood species space. When it comes to laying down new hardwood floors, there are many factors to consider. She is the author of the novel "Strays" and holds an Associate of Arts in chemistry from College of DuPage. Hickory, Oak and Maple are three of the hardest Bruce offers. The hardness of hickory wood makes it a good choice for family rooms, play rooms and other high-traffic areas. She is a published short story and essay writer who specializes in travel topics, pets, medical subjects, Florida history, environmental issues, political and business topics. There is one risk; and it might be inescapable. For dents or undesirable scratches, you can always comfortably remove the damaged plank. Having floor strengthened by wood, will inevitably add value to your home. Maple: The prime concern of the flooring store is to offer their customers with innovative products. Maple is better than Birch but you will still see scratches because of the lack of grain. Wood flooring offers a wide variety of choices in terms of wood types, plank sizes and colors to suit every décor. Oak can also fade in color when exposed to prolonged sunlight. Hickory wood naturally has variations in coloring and a more rustic appearance that may not go with more sophisticated decorating styles.

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