1 oz Howard Clifford 10/9/1980 location undisclosed Black Crappie 3 lbs 9.76 oz Quinn Warren Feb-12 Messalonskee Lake Blueback Trout 5.24 lbs Carter McLaughlin 8/20/2008 Pushineer Pond Brook Trout 9 lbs 2 oz Patrick Coan 1/8/2010 Mousam... Continue reading The story of the largest striped bass ever caught by the man who caught the fish . Polman, 37, of Rock Tavern in Orange County, on Wednesday caught and released his biggest ever striped bass. Take a look at the biggest fish ever recorded in New Jersey as you dream of what monster might be the next bite on your line. Biggest Fish Caught in Pennsylvania. Species Weight Location Date Angler Picture; Blue Catfish: 55 lbs. Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides) Donald Shade, Waynesboro, PA ... 8 lb. Scotts Run Lake, Berks Co. 1997 Image. The all-tackle world record fish was taken by Gregory Myerson [20] on the night of August 4, 2011. According to striperspace.com, Greg Myerson reeled in an 81.88-lb striper on Aug. 4, 2011. 8 oz. Canyon: 08/23/03: Tommy Good. The largest striped bass ever taken by angling was an 81.88-lb (37.14-kg) specimen taken from a boat in Long Island Sound, near the Outer Southwest Reef, off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut. Bigeye Tuna: 319 lb. At the time, that was the largest fish caught at the reservoir by 16.53 pounds, and the largest striper ever caught by more than 20 pounds. 5 oz. Greg Myerson caught a big fish f, the fish was an 81.88-pound striped bass, which broke by 3 pounds the record that had stood for 29 years. Raystown Lake, Huntingdon Co. 1994 Image. Black Sea Bass: 8 lb. list of 50 biggest striped bass caught in Texas. Species Weight Location Date Angler; Albacore: 65 lb. 5 oz. ... Freshwater Striped Bass. The day is September 21 — the first day of fall. Length (in.) Rank Water Body Weight (lb.) 12 oz. Bass, Striped - Marine (Morone saxatilis) It measured 47 inches and weighed more than 51 pounds, he said. Date Angler State Record Water Record Bass, Striped - Inland (Morone saxatilis) Robert Price, Huntingdon, PA 53 lb. 2018: Daniel Bliss. Foster’s 48-inch striped bass is expected to replace the current C+R record of 46 inches, caught off NJ by Captain Frank Crescitelli. The world record for the largest striped bass ever caught was set in Connecticut waters. 78 Pounds 8 Ounces . PART ONE The story begins in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1982. Story By Albert Mcreynolds . Maine Freshwater Record Fish SPECIES WEIGHT ANGLER DATE LOCATION Atlantic Salmon 28 lbs. The late Todd Brusco of Danville became the first person ever to hold two simultaneous fishing records at LV when he caught a 45.2 pound striper. The 48-inch mark is certainly vulnerable, as we have multiple striped bass over 50 inches caught and released in our Striper Cup tournament every year. : Aquia Creek (Stafford County) 08-22-2020: Logan Horne: Picture: Bowfin: 10 … The fish was an 81.88-pound striped bass, which broke by 3 pounds the International Game Fish Association record that had stood for 29 years.

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