Generally, either substitute works the same way as cream of tartar by stabilizing the egg whites. Cream of tartar is what gives meringue its creamy, fluffy texture. If I need my icing much thiner, I keep adding lemon juice, as I love it if the frosting is a bit tart, it is a good flavoring too. If both baking soda and cream of tartar are called for a recipe, it means the cream of tartar is being used to activate the baking soda as a leavening agent, so use 3 parts baking powder to replace 2 parts cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is used in meringue to stabilize the egg whites and prevent issues such as weeping. I do prefer adding lemon juice instead of cream of tartar, seems more natural to me, and also love the flavor. The recipe that is my standard calls for meringue powder. Yes, I make 7-Minute frosting/icing frequently. NO!! meringue powder is dried or dehydrated egg white!! Typically, you can use 3 egg whites and 1/4 tsp (1.2 g) of cream of tartar to make delicious meringue. ! Cream of tartar is actually one of the primary ingredients in baking powder. Meringue powder is composed of cornstarch, dried egg whites, sugar, citric acid, and some stabilizers. Italian meringue is made with a sugar syrup boiled to the soft-ball stage (248 degrees F/120 degrees C) and carefully poured in a thin stream into egg whites that have been whipped with cream of tartar; the mixture is then further whipped until stiff peaks form and the mixture cools. It is one of my very favorite frostings! Cream of tartar is one of those necessary ingredients (bought for that once-in-a-blue-moon angel food cake or lemon meringue pie), that can end up … It’s perfect for making royal icing. The ratio to use is 3 egg whites for 4 cups of powdered (a 1 pound box) of powdered sugar. In almost all uses of meringue powder, your recipe will call for powdered sugar. 1 or 2 teaspoons will work great. it will not work for this other than in place of the egg whites. Let’s say that you live, oh, on the prairie in the middle of Oklahoma and … Substitute meringue powder or eggs with dried/dehydrated egg whites. you can use white Karo in place of cream of ttartar. Truthfully, cream of tartar and meringue powder have very little in common except that they are white powders, and they're often used in the same kinds of recipes. Use your meringue to make cookies, pies, and other tasty desserts. So, just combine the powdered sugar called for in your recipe with egg whites. To substitute for meringue powder just use egg whites. It's among the couple of occasions after i diligently size up exactly what I've within the refrigerator and kitchen, and consider uses of everything before we leave. Meringue powder is just egg whites. White vinegar or lemon juice can be equally exchanged for cream of tartar in meringue recipes. Use cream of tartar to stabilize egg whites when making meringue.

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