I plan on starting an interview type podcast so will just be talking with one other person. The problem with the SM7B is that it needs a really professional environment. At an initial guess, it might well be an equipment problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJLgj–2mdA. If you're OK with that, click Accept, but if not, you can turn off non-essential cookies below. Is there a way you can use tablets/kindles instead of paper scripts? My district IT guy sent me a nice stand-alone microphone to use/test out before delving into purchasing “equipment.”. Another great thing about these microphones is that they're ideal for heading out and about, capturing live audio interviews. Not sure how you’d rig up a stand, but could be a project! Based on my limited knowledge, that sounds right, especially since the Mouse is in the $1,000 range price wise. All i know is that Snowball can record in three modes (Cardioid, Cardioid -10db and Omnidirectional) whereas Meteor only one (Cardioid). Hope that helps! If I want to do podcasts in my office I need some sort of extra power? If you have a nice, quiet regular recording room, then a condenser microphone could be worth buying. Hi Maximus, I’ve never personally used one of these mics but they seem to be affordable and have mainly positive reviews on the sites I checked out. An alternative might be the Behringer C1’s USB version, the Behringer C1U. Thanks for this, really useful! Thank you for your recommendations Colin! I just have a lil bit of a doubt about the sound if there are two mics right next to each other… Are u sure there wont be a problem with the audio? If you want that extra level of depth to your Podcast, it could be worth going for a condenser microphone, but with some caveats. 2. My budget is 100 euros, I’d be willing to go a bit higher just to get a Yeti because I love the design. I use the Audio-Technica ATR2100. Having very little technical sound experience, I purchased the rode nt1 and the Yamaha mg10xu mixer, along with my MacBook pro, Skype, and blogtalk radio, the setup has worked perfectly and was thoroughly impressed, people actually thought I knew what I was doing when it came to the quality of my broadcasts. I tried a mic for like 100 Pounds but it still records White noice. a dynamic mic…if it’s the exact same conditions would it make my voice sound less natural or anything? If the yeti allows this, then 1 mic between us would be a great choice. I don’t know the Behringer microphones, so I can’t comment definitively, but Dynamic mics are commonly pretty low in terms of levels, and require a bit of gain to bring them up. Anyway, hope that helps out Ryan – let me know how you get on! Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Could you help me decide which one I should get? I have heard so many people interview world-class guests and sometimes both the interviewer and the interviewee are so difficult to understand I switch it off. The Yeti setup will do you just fine. Dynamic Microphones. If you were to ask many of the more popular … Thank you for this. Furthermore, it can be connected to an iOS device using an Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter or an Android device with a host OTG Adapter. NEUMANN TLM-102 and AKG PRO AUDIO C414 XLS i also believe that are a great choice that will stand in any recording studio. Hi Nicola. I’m interested in doing in-person interviews. This is one of the best podcast microphones around, just because of that – it's versatility – and the fact that it means you're always ready to capture great content. That’s a strange situation you’ve got there – quite annoying that you can’t escape the radio tower interference! Sounds like you’re doing great with your USB mic at the mo. Some people will find that even the most revered mic just doesn't work for them, and a lower cost alternative gives the best sound. b ) but a rode procaster, purchase a mixer (I am still trying to find a great one for as less as I can spend) and then phone my cohost/guest on conference call plug the phone to the mixer and then record all in Audition. We use out iPhone headsets mic wihich is poor but listneble quality. I recommend you take a look at these. It picks up a LOT of background noise, and it totally unforgiving with bad mic technique. Condenser mics are very, very sensitive – that’s both their power and their weakness. Ok, so you’re using a USB condenser, straight into the PC. They can be dropped, pounded, drowned and still survive, and they’re perfect for anyone that’s looking to do more out-and-about recording than in-studio. Do we need to switch to condenser mics and use the phantom power on the mixing board? all 3 items are working perfectly with the snowball. I would love to be face to face with my cohost but until I get more $ to buy another mic, or you can recommend a cheaper mic then we will have to do by phone. I am planning to start a podcast interviewing new mothers both in person and over Skype. I’m thinking that a wireless lav setup would work in this case but I don’t know what I’m looking for. I am making a separate youtube channel so that I can make ASMR channel. Have a look at our Samson Q2U review and see what you think https://www.thepodcasthost.com/podcast-equipment-directory/. I recently got hold of Aphex’s Microphone X USB mic which, despite the excellent build quality, and reasonable price just isn’t up to scratch despite the very positive reviews I’d read online. Many thanks for your prompt response. This’ll plug directly into your laptop/computer without any need for additional equipment. The AKG, to Matthew's ear (read the AKG Lyra Review here for examples), sounds better than the Yeti, but it is a little more expensive, so you'd expect so. I would love to know your opinion on the matter. I think in just about any setting, and particularly one with bad background noise, your key factor is mic technique. But…. A USB microphone is the best option for you in my opinion. Was the other mic you used USB?

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