The degrees on this list are all highly employable, with many of them representing a flexible pathway into a variety of industries; they are also valued in industries that are only set to grow and expand. Knowing how to program these devices, connect them to the Internet, and implement cybersecurity and hardware design takes specialized training. Are you heading off to university soon? More impressive is that the average graduate salary for medicine and dentistry graduates was £30,000 last year! This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. While nursing can be an emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding career path, it is also one of the most rewarding. Therefore, it helps to understand what courses can be considered a solid bet, especially if you’re not too sure what to settle on. As demand for chemical engineering services increases, more and more programs will accept qualified students to help prepare for the growing job market. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual pay for electrical engineers is $101,250. Undergraduate IT degree programs offer specializations that allow students to tailor their studies to better align with career goals and personal interests. Focused courses and specialization options allow students to tailor their degree even further to align with career goals. In most countries, nursing has become increasingly professionalised in recent years, with the traditional vocational route gradually phased out; as a result, nurses now require degrees in order to become licensed and registered. Many countries offer bursaries and financial assistance, too, especially if there is a shortage of skilled nurses in that jurisdiction. Let us know in the comments section below! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of construction managers is expected to increase by 10 percent over the next eight years. You have to think long term and seriously consider how your choice is going to affect the rest of your career – a frightening prospect when you’re leaving home for the first time. There are numerous reasons to become a doctor; it is a well-respected and highly rewarding job, with a very sizeable paycheque and the opportunity to pursue your own clinical interests as your career develops. Another highly durable industry that is withstanding the STEM barrage is law. It may be a cliché but, in 2019, we live in the digital age, where STEM is king. 9. Some of the top nursing schools include the University of Pennsylvania, King’s College London and the University of Technology, Sydney. Southern New Hampshire University Times Higher Education has ranked the best universities for education degrees to help you decide on the best university for you. These businesses offer hints into what careers might bring on a bright future. And as these developments emerge, new ways of improving processes within healthcare and medicine also surface. Courses may cover topics like RN community health nursing, RN evidence-based practice, RN health assessment, and transitions in professional nursing. 10. Although there are now moves in certain countries to make the lawyer pathway more accessible to nongraduates, a law degree is still a highly essential steppingstone towards getting a training contract and passing the bar. Biomedical Engineering. In this undergraduate program there is a mix of computer programming with project manage and some other courses including sociology, psychology and internet ethics. Earning a degree in health information technology can lead to lucrative jobs, such as health information managers, data analysts, and medical records research analysts. The degree may be earned traditionally or via online instruction. jQuery(function($) { Also consider: Depending on what your career interests are, a degree in economics can also be a wise bet. It’s a big commitment, too, with the training pathway lasting upwards of seven years, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. Boston University. No surprises here. 548227, reg. Expect to take courses in computer science and data structures. It’s a highly rewarding profession, too, especially if you have the right temperament and mentality, while the salary scale is also highly impressive, especially if you later choose to specialise. Graduate numbers for mathematics are relatively low in the UK and the US, so if you have a numerical aptitude, then it could be well worth considering. Earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management typically takes four years, though shorter online options are available. Johns Hopkins, Oxford and the Karolinska Institute are all among the best medical schools in the world.

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