Preschool behavior management tips for preschool teachers, daycare workers, and nannies. Stick to whatever rules you make all the time. The best way to teach behavior is to use lots of rewards. Sometimes challenging behaviour is the first sign that children aren’t well. But I think to prepare myself, including get up early, help myself to have a better mood of that day, maybe laugh in front of the mirror, set up everything even the day before, etc. Be respectful. Be kind.” are common in early childhood education settings. This disruption often can overwhelm early childhood teachers, who report feeling concerned and frustrated about classroom management (Hemmeter, Ostrosky, & Corso 2012) as well as underprepared to address challenging behavior proactively (Stormont, Lewis, & Covington Smith 2005). Be specific about your expectations. The behaviour milestones are outlined in Development Matters for Children in Early Years. Tips to create a more peaceful classroom. From learning activities to transitions, children’s challenging behavior can influence every aspect of a classroom. The more specific your behavior guidelines the better. Continually working from the preschool classroom rules from above, you will address any specific classroom behavior expectation. Therefore, before we begin we need to ensure our expectations are realistic. For every problem behavior, there is a good behavior to take its place. It states that children need to learn to manage their own behaviour but there may be times when adults need to give consequences. Expectations such as “Be safe. So before you choose behaviour management strategies, it’s a good idea to check a few things. Know that the rules will need to be repeated again and again for them to work. The most important keys to successful behavior management are consistency and repetition. First, if your child’s behaviour changes suddenly, check whether your child is healthy and getting enough sleep.

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