The Cannellini Bean Cassoulet ($14.99) Is a warm and comforting bowl filled with white cannellini beans, onions, red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and garlic garnished with fresh herbs. What’s Vegan at the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels? With this menu revamp, we say goodby to the Quinoa Salad and hello to the Cannellini Bean Cassoulet. This dish has a lot of potential if they omit the clear broth and simply season the veggies. The dressing had zero flavor so I basically just tasted pepper from the arugula. What’s Vegan in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? The “chef’s choice” was a veggie dish in the same clear corn broth. Our non vegan family members all enjoyed their meals and especially their trio of desserts. Last time we dined we had salad, the ratatouille, and sorbet. ). Special thanks to the Disney Public Relations Team for hosting us for the purpose of this review. Beast room is a little colder than the others. All were soggy similar to the tortellini from what I’m guessing was due to sitting in the clear broth. Can you recommend a vegan character dining option ? The restaurant is fast casual during breakfast and lunch and then transfers over to full service during dinner. Be Our Guest Restaurant can be found in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Beast came through the dining room three times during our dinner and you have the opportunity for a personal photo with him after your meal. I had the vegan meal and it was an insane amount of food and everything was delicious! We’ve already covered the new Le Fou Festin breakfast option and it still doesn’t look like much has changed in the way of dinner offerings. If the answer is no, you’ll want to skip this experience until they make it more worthwhile for vegans. Be Our Guest Restaurant Atmosphere. We told her we were vegan (with allergies) and she said she would speak with the chef. Sadly, it was truly that bad and the worst meal I’ve ever had on Disney property. Recieve the latest Vegan Disney news right in your inbox. My almost vegetarian husband agreed. You’re also allowed to wander the entire restaurant after your meal which consists of three dining rooms. I would try asking for that if I had to go there again. Want cool Vegan WDW swag? Sadly, this was the best part of the meal and both were brought in from outside sources. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The top of the creme brulee had a nice crust which cracked as soon as I dug into it. Disney’s new plant based initiative has brought with it many new vegan offerings. I got “bacon, potatoes, and in lieu of “sausage” patties I received more of a “bratwurst” link that was good. There was absolutely nothing vegan on the allergy menu. Not sure if this is too late for your trip, but we ate at Garden Grill in Epcot for my son’s second birthday and the whole experience was AMAZING. (We has a 9:50 reservation which was a little before the lunch transition so it became less crowded by the time we finished. I’d recommend it as an option. The dish is served with cauliflower and broccolini as well as two thin, crispy crostini. Vegan Options in the Disney Parks and Resorts. Be Our Guest is a Signature Dining restaurant inside the Magic Kingdom which has an array of dining options. The veggies were fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, one single beet slice, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, and a few cherry tomatoes. There was asparagus, micro greens, and corn on top for garnish. Our food took a little longer and I wondered if it was my meal but we were fine to sit for awhile/ finished eating in an hour or so. There are three dining areas within Be Our Guest Restaurant. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The vegetables were perfectly prepared and the entire dish had fantastic flavor. We struggled to finish our entrees. Our entrees came shortly after. The tortellini was in clear corn broth and was sadly.. terrible. I’m glad there were apples because it made the salad slightly more bearable. Vegan Lunch Options at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom With this menu revamp, we say goodby to the Quinoa Salad and hello to the Cannellini Bean Cassoulet. The Grand Ballroom is the first dining room guests encounter when being seated. My boys wanted to eat there and I was glad to have a good breakfast option. It’s quite possibly the most refined quick service option in the Magic Kingdom and now delicious new vegan lunch options can be had inside Be Our Guest Restaurant. We are visiting next year and ha e two children who would love to do a character dine. The pasta part of the tortellini was gooey. LOOKING FOR VEGAN OPTIONS IN THE THEME PARKS, WATER PARKS AND DISNEY SPRINGS? We told the hosts two of the six guests were vegan upon checking in. As always, all opinions are our own. All were soggy similar to the tortellini from what I’m guessing was due to sitting in the clear broth. I ate the “plant based” aka vegan breakfast option 12/27/19 and thought it was great. We told her we would love to try one of each. The ballroom looks as if it was plucked right out of Beauty and the Beast with its high 20-foot domed ceiling and ornate, golden chandeliers.

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