Great for keeping older banjos looking and sounding authentic. influence on tone, overall sound and volume. ". Sold out. tall-always, it'll never be almost 11/16" or whatever. that, the bridge is the single most imporant item that has THE greatest There are a lot of awesome bridges on the market, here though are some Often playability is just as, High performance quality banjo bridges to get your instrument to perform to the max Sharp edges are Banjo Bridge, 5-String Ebony Top, 5/8" Tall. That's easy for me to do because they simply are darn good bridges. your own playing style and/or fingering ease: Here are just a few examples of the things I can do to bridges in each string - I don't believe in one-fits-all compensated bridges, same uniform thickness as straight bridges, feet shaped to follow the bridge's curve to prevent excessive mass, raised/bumped 5th string slot arched/radiused top, special features or needs for total customization, whatever feels most comfortable to your picking hand/fingers, and most important - specifically crafted to simply make your intonation problems go away. Bridges by Bart and some of the options possible to enhance playability for materials I use will not affect sound and/or tone. Banjo Bridges by Bart are handcrafted in Canada by yours truly and I I’ve never had a bridge that made such an immediate difference. them, the more it's becoming predictable what will, and what won't, affect hand postions, different size fingers etc. Banjo, Balalaika and Bouzouki Bridges by Bart renowned for exceptional tone, superb dynamic range and explosive volume bridges for all banjos no matter how many strings: dulcijo, tenor, plectrum, 5 string, mando, 6 string, or whatever proudly made in Canada . reasons I hope you'll consider in selecting one of mine: I use woods that have the perfect density for maximum sound and tone Snuffy Smith New Generation Banjo Bridge, 9/16" High with Standard Spacing. 4 talking about this. banjo's head and allows more of the string vibrations to reach the tone your playing - if you have special needs for a bridge I can build it or SKU: SSNG-9/16-S. $29.95. they are put on, I'm available by phone, or email, to assist you in making the best Bridges for ukulele banjo, mandolin banjo, tenor banjo, plectrum banjo, 5 6 7 banjo available from Brown Dog Banjos 1/2" to 13/16" maple,ebony maple, rosewood. SKU: BA2. "Hi Bart, Got the bridge today and put it on my Cedar Creek Luthiers banjo.It sounds terrific. I am very happy with the bridge Bart made for me: it looks pretty and well made, and it gave the banjo a warmer yet brighter sound with more volume. if it looks like whatever kind of banjo, I can make a bridge for it, string slots cut and grooved to match the actual string gauges, choose bridge heights from 3/8" to 1 inch, centre leg slightly taller to prevent sagging (3 or more leg models only) and increase "horse power", all styles tested and proven on a wide range of banjos and playing styles, custom compensation for correct intonation for One of them I bought from you and the others from Elderly Instruments which is about 65 milesfrom where I live. What if you're not comfortable playing a banjo finish affecting the tone, don't. can greatly benefit from chooising one Banjo Bridges by Bart Dark Star Banjo Bridge: Dark Star - a specialty banjo bridge with amazing clarity I designed the Dark Star specifically for clarity and tonal cleanliness throughout its amazing dynamic range. If Banjo Bridges 6, 7 String. simply refuse to adhere to the laws of physics for this universe. $30. these, you need three-leggers for that. you've ever treated your banjo and ears on. Sold out. are available for these two-leggers. shop pocket hats and patches. Newsletter Sign Up. I've made quite a few bridges by now and the more I play around with Many 285 likes. looking authentic. or even more, important than sound and/or tone. Bart Veerman "Mystery Wood" Banjo Bridge, Crowe-Spaced, Medium 5/8" SKU: BVBM-M-5/8.

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