The eggs will hatch after roughly one month. The chicks are able to fend for themselves or fly after 12 weeks of age. Number of Eggs. Where there are distinct wet and dry seasons, egg-laying usually takes place during the dry season, with increased rodent prey becoming available to the birds as the vegetation dies off. Reproduction. Mainly insects but also small mammals, frogs, lizards and birds. They aren’t tolerant of other males being in the area that could reduce their chances of finding a mate. The males are generally very territorial and that is more so when they are trying to find mates. Up to 13 years. Predators: The bird is also hunted down by Fox, Wild dogs and Raccoons. During the mating season, the hooting calls of the owl will increase. It mainly depends on the food supply. The males use it to find out where the females are in proximity to them. The exceptional hearing and soundless flight enable the barn owl to locate its prey from long distances away and swoop down for the kill totally undetected. The Barn Owl does not have a specific breeding season. Period. Broadly speaking, most owls' mating seasons run from very early Spring until the hottest days of Summer. Breeding. Breeding: The female Barn Owl lays up to 7 eggs which it nests on top of a hollow tree. The Barn Owl Mating Habits. This year however a barn owl showed up and seems to be harrassing the birds…The Great Horned calls for her mate all times of day and night, I see them often in the day. Now is the time to enjoy the great horned owl breeding season – a time when these charismatic birds are much easier to see and hear. Fledging period. Lifespan. It also hovers in front of the female to show off its chest and belly. Breeding Season. RELATED SPECIES • The genus Otus contains about 56 species, including the eastern screech owl's relative, the western … Barn owls living in tropical regions can breed at any time of year, but some seasonality in nesting is still evident. Typical Diet. February-July. This is called the moth flight. Breeding Interval . 26-28 days 1 year. Breeding season dates for key breeding species in Scotland The attached table shows 'sensitive' time periods, equating to the beginning and end of a bird's breeding season in Scotland. Up to 8, but usually 4-5. Unlike other birds, the male owl normally assists the female in feeding the young ones. Incubation 21-30 days. Outside the breeding season they are mostly solitary birds, pairing to produce 3-7 white eggs, which are laid in a tree hollow. To attract the female, the male Barn Owl uses a special call.

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