What I was able to figure out, when the leaves starting turning yellow, was that the leaves needed to be cleaned off – dirt and dust had accumulated on the leaves. In addition, it provides more nutrients to the bamboo. The pot is large enough and it has drainage holes. You can purchase, Instead of iron, you can also add sulfur to make the soil more acidic. You will need to adapt your irrigation set-up as the bamboo grows. Watching your bamboo plant leaves turn yellow can be alarming, but most of the time, it’s actually a normal occurrence. Check the soil in the plant’s pot and water the plant when the surface of the soil gets dry. It is best to keep the bamboo away from sunlight and to use filtered water. This seemed to reflect what we had witnessed. This would be an easy treatment. Real bamboo doesn’t grow in water. and dead but have not dropped. Have you tried redirecting the water so that not too much water stays around the plants? However, they suck the life out of the leaf. Can you identify it as one of these pests or diseases? You can pressure wash the plants with water or insecticidal soap or you can use neem oil. So it’s behaving like trees. Direct Sunlight Can Cause Lucky Bamboo Leaves to Yellow. The bamboo have been provided with plenty of water and food. If you spot a lot of yellow-brown leaves and the soil is dry, you are not keeping up the irrigation game. I can’t see pests but I have noticed on a couple of leaves sth like white dust or dirt. It might be even still signs of the “transplantation stress”. 10 days later things are worst. Because there are so many little factors that could influence your bamboo’s health, we have to let you determine if one of these could be an issue. It’s unnecessary to feed more than that. © 2020 - Bamboo Plants HQ | All rights reserved. If you have one of these situations, you may need to mitigate it by growing a windbreak, adding more irrigation water or reducing nearby applications of chemical pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. I was pleasantly surprised at how long I was to keep this plant thriving. Thank you again for your help. Your email address will not be published. The lucky bamboo cannot live in direct sunlight, but thrives in bright indirect light. Lucky bamboo is sensitive to all of these chemicals. That’s why you need to fertilize. I have checked the roots, no worms, and they are not black, they seem greenish and brownish. Your Chimonobambusa bamboo may turn yellow because you placed it in direct sunlight, which on the other hand, Phyllostachys bamboo would love. Read on to learn more. If you see yellowish-pale spots on the bamboo leaves, it is very likely a mites infestation. Ok, this may sound super ridiculous but do you have a yellow bamboo variety. I don’t know if I should transplant again at the moment. The spot is an indication of the pest invasion, which could be a result of mite’s infestation. What species have more yellow leaves or culms than others? Let the fallen leaves work as a natural mulch that supplies the bamboo plant with silica, which helps future growth. I live in Hawaii and want to know if yellowish leaves on my bamboo plant are normal or if it's lacking something? Run your fingers along the yellow fronds and see it they feel gritty; also look closely and check if there is any fine webbing. I have Phyl. I have just bought a Bamboo plant about 7ft high, it’s just in a pot but the new leaves are starting to curl round and the leaves are of a yellow/ brown colour, please help. Also, check the roots for their health. Many homeowners and gardeners plant bamboo because it can screen out unwanted views or create a private space. Others are shrub-like, growing only three feet tall. So, the soil doesn’t provide enough nutrients to the bamboo. The trick with the acidic soil may not apply to you because you have Shibatea bamboo. Maybe you will see the worms right away. I had a small variety of the bamboo plant family, that did well in my house for 15 years. Have you used too much fertilizer? Like many other plants, bamboo sheds its leaves and grows new ones. Because bamboo is evergreen, most species lose their leaves very gradually and replace those leaves with new ones. Did you always fertilize that much? Was the winter weather different than in other years? It either won’t grow well or will begin to show signs of damage such as yellow leaves. Bamboo is a popular ornamental and edible plant. Could this be the problem? While the culms or stems below ground can characteristically be yellow on a healthy bamboo plant, yellowing leaves are a sign that the bamboo … Other than that, I’d try mixing in sand and mulch into the ground so that it gets looser. In this respect, bamboo plants have a mixture of green and yellow leaves most of the time. Many Thanks Have you mixed in some compost over the years to regain/maintain nutrients in the soil? I am checking the soil not to overwater or not water enough, I have checked for pests, I have used fertiliser. Bamboo Leaves Turning Yellow. It could also be too windy for the stems or other chemicals used in the surrounding environment. Bamboo needs bright but indirect or filtered sunlight. Yellow leaves with brown tips may indicate the fact that the Bamboo plant is not getting sufficient water. It is amazing how fast they have spread! Let’s do troubleshooting! It took about 3 years before it began to really grow. The leaves on bamboo plants can turn yellow whether the plant is potted or growing outdoors. Written By Written by Guest. So, you can easily spot those areas. If your plant is … Although bamboo is an evergreen plant, it can still get a few yellow leaves and culms. It’s recommended to transplant every 2-3 years. We want to give you the best information possible on bamboo. Both will lose a larger amount of leaves in spring.

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