It was awesome!B Eggleston wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle today (1/6/16) flying low over Fulton Rd (M-21) at the Grand River. Lynette Marsack Single bald eagle landed in big tree this afternoon next to I-94 just west of I-69 in Marshall, MichiganAmy Schultz wrote the following: I have not actively searched for a winter nest here yet, but have a suspicion. Got the pic, but the eagle was out of range of my lens. In future versions of the Rare Species Explorer, we hope to incorporate natural community fidelity ranks for each taxon. I saw a Bald Eagle in Westland, Michigan near the intersection of Wayne Road & Central City Parkway. Maintain a quarter mile buffer zone around the nest from mid-March through the end of June. It might seem odd, but I sensed intelligence. Jon Brent The next day the UPS driver told me that workers at the Lotus car factory (business further North) Had sighted 2 Bald Eagles in the same area. We were driving at about 30 mph – Bald eagle flying to the right of car and flying faster then us. Poor pic, but i'm glad I got it!Tom LoCascio wrote the following: Stayed for approximately 30 minutes. I have a TON of hawks that live on this property and perch on the trees right outside the window all the time, so initially I thought that's what it was, till it got closer. Then again in same tree just now the 30th. This was my second time seeing a bald eagle in Ypsilanti. Bibby, C.J., N.D. Burgess, and D.A. the bird was flying with the wings open and gliding Sonia Urbaniak My husband and I sighted a bald eagle while driving near Jackson, Michigan. It flew in front of my car & landed in a tree. I saw a bald eagle flying low over our Ann Arbor hills home (off of Arlington and Heatherway) today Monday, February 5 at 2:45pm - an amazing sight! It was soaring just above Vreeland Rd, in Dixboro. White head / white tail feathers Steven LeFaivre 10-17-2017. Beautiful shelly harvey- skoczylas wrote the following: 11:00am on Feb. 6, flying fairly low over our rural home in Salem Twp., MI – Tower Rd, btw, 5 and 6 Mile Rds. Carla Olund Daryl Lewis It was beautiful to see and unexpected! On Madden Rd. I was only able to take a pic as I spotted a Bald Eagle soaring over the lower parking lot of The Sable Shores Condominiums, Stevensville, MI. Large eagle with a wing span of at least 7feet. Dexter Twp. Saw a sighting in our back yard today in Lacota Michigan on January 18th 2015. We saw a bald eagle sitting in a dead tree in the middle of Rose Lake Nature Center near Laingsburg and Haslett Michigan today. We also see 2 of them soaring in the sky between Omer and Standish on most occasion in the drive to and from.. MichiganStephanie Holmesb wrote the following: I think I could possibly have been an immature eagle with mom or dad. Spotted a Bald Eagle in the cornfield on 19 mile between I drive and L drive in Marshall, Michigan Lisa Bonjernoor wrote the following: Matt Matthews It sat looking at us for a minute then joined another bald eagle that was about 100 yards south. No doubt. Saw a Great Bald Eagle sitting in up in a tall tree surrounded by 4 or 5 crows while walking my dogs in Grand Haven, MI on 12/26/2015 Sure can have quite an effect on you!tonja bissonnette wrote the following: Beautiful large white tail. After about 15 minutes the Bald eagle flew down the river heading North, and the large seagull chased him till they were both out of sight. He flew away. David Miller Beautiful bird, white head and dark body, very special moment indeed! ! Just saw a bald eagle flying over M59 about a 1/2 mile west of downtown Pontiac. Pretty cool to see this magnificent bird around here.Kyle Gorncy wrote the following: I was able to take a few grainy photos with my cell phone. It was really cool! I live in Michigan in Clinton Twp near 16 mile and Groesbeck. I will definitely be looking for this bird again. Very majestic with his white head and tail feathers. Hello, I was driving home from work today Sept. 12 about 12.30 in the afternoon and spotted a male Bald Eagle on I -94 between Fredmore Hyw. Matthew Yeske Howard Mack 2015-01-13 – Caledonia, MI -- Watched two bald eagles for much of the day today feeding on a 5 or 6 pound sucker on the ice on the Thornapple River 2 miles south of Alaska, MI. Beautiful creature! Michelle M White Now I'm curious... Could he have been snatching road kill or was it likely he snatched what was eating roadkill? 12/12/15Laura Korten wrote the following: We spotted a large bald eagle standing on the ice in the middle of Thornapple River, Ada, MichiganCheryl Zielonka wrote the following: My wife and I observed an Eagle trying to snatch one of several diving ducks on our lake. There was no mistaking the bird this morning. He was flying from North to South. On the way to pick up my kids from school I saw a large bird on the ground eating from a dead deer carcass. Our home is about 100' off November 30, 2014 around 11:30 A.M. my dad and I observed a single bold eagle flying from east to west at treetop level about 1/4 mile north and 1/4 mile west of down town Ubly, MI. It was eating in a tree 2 doors away. Truly awesome!Soraya VaughnMy daughter, granddaughter & I were walking the trails at Newburg Lake when we spotted this beautiful Bald Eagle. Sited a bald eagle on September 25, 2015 in Ira Township, Michigan on M-29 heading West at approx. Christine Lefever wrote the following: The eagle rested in a tree for several minutes and then took off again. Saginaw County, MI, 11/11/16 @ 8:10am until 8:25am.

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