$('.Siegerrebe').html('Siegerrebe') //Begin my code $(this).addClass(replaced); Gutenborner') $('.Sparkling.red').html('Sparkling RedSparkling Red :') $('.Johanniter').html('Johanniter') $('.LeonMillot').html('Leon Millot') if ( $( "section.directory li.field-item" ).is(".WeddingsVenues") ){ Late Summer "SIP" ALL REDS 6 Pack for $99 . $99.00 luxurious texture with black currants and vanilla; aroma of licorice and blackberry Add to cart. $("section.directory li.field-item").each(function(i) { Flint’s team also found that some key compounds associated with Sauvignon were either missing or not as prominent as expected. $('.Wurzer').html('Wurzer') A vast selection of red wines from light to full bodied, sourced from the finest red wine producing regions all over the world. Its name is taken from Roman name of the Greek wine god Dionysus. $('.Vegan').html('VeganVegan :') $('.Acolon').html('Acolon') Add to cart. $("div.location-hidden").addClass($("div.location-hidden").text()); $('.Accommodation').html('AccommodationAccommodation :') $('.CabernetCortis').html('Cabernet Cortis') $( ".directory" ).hide(); $('.Perle').html('Perle') The wine is harmoniously delicate and tannic. Finishes silky, gently sweet and quite long, with supple tannins framing lingering red fruit Add to cart. })(jQuery); Search our inventory to find the best red wine at the best prices. More studies will be done after the 2017 harvest. //$(document).one('ready', function () { $('.MüllerThurgau').html('Muller Thurgau') //var result1 = res1.replace(/-/g, " "); Producers such as Caymus, Lewis Cellars and Miner Family provided grapes and helped with the winemaking for earlier cuvees. $('.Biodynamic').html('BiodynamicBiodynamic :') $('.CabernetFranc').html('Cabernet Franc') var result2 = result1.replace(/---/g, "-"); Medium-bodied with delicious flavors of ripe cherry fruit, sweet dark berries and a touch of spice, with soft tannins and dry finish. This renders the document as white on black, Charles Palmer Vineyards and Wickham Manor B&B, Planning applications (general-purpose buildings, wineries and tourism-related facilities), Viticultural accessories and vineyard equipment, Equipment for wine making, distilling, cider and juice production. $('.Weddings').html('WeddingsWeddings :') $('.Syrah').html('Syrah') Planet Oregon (Soter) Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2018 . $('.Muscat').html('Muscat') Hand Selected + Professionally Recommended. }) $('.Organic').html('OrganicOrganic :') //alert('this is verifieeeeeed'); var replaced = $(this).text().split(' ').join(''); }); [CDATA[// >Sirius') Cain Vineyard & Winery Concept The Benchland, … 25 Hillcrest Blvd Millbrae, CA 94030 By comparison, Cabernet Sauvignon dates to the 17th Century and even that is considered only middle-aged; it being a cross between pre-existing Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. The Bacchus is a white wine grape created by viticulturalist Peter Morio at the Geilweilerhof Institute for Grape Breeding in the Palatinate in 1933. $('.Michurinets').html('Michurinets') $('.Restaurant').html('EatingRestaurant :') Bacchus is a relatively early ripener in the growing season. Bacchus can reach high must weights, and has no high requirement for sites it can be planted and can grow where Riesling, for example, does not ripen reliably. $('.Ortega').html('Ortega') $('.Chardonnay').html('Chardonnay') $('.Frühburgunder').html('Frühburgunder') $(this).addClass(replaced); $('.PinotNoirPrécoce').html('Pinot Noir Précoce') var result = res.replace(/ /g, "-"); //alert('this is verifieeeeeed'); Bacchus is a relatively early ripener in the growing season. } $('.Merlot').html('Merlot') $('.CabernetSevernyi').html('Cabernet Severnyi') $('.Orion').html('Orion') 6912076. }); The winery is now OPEN for by-appointment wine tastings. var str = $("#block-views-event-location-block .views-field-title a").text(); $('.Bianca').html('Bianca') $( ".accommodate" ).show(); $('#header-wrapper').addClass(result3); //alert('this is verified'); $('.PinotGris').html('Pinot Gris') Inviting aromas of red plum, red currants, cherry, and sweet vanilla fill your glass. $('.Gamay').html('Gamay') $('.SeyveVillard').html('Seyve Villard')

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