Thankyou for your comment Stengel. Tony Hsieh, iconic Las Vegas entrepreneur, dies at 46, Jolie becomes trending topic after dad's pro-Trump rant, 2 shot, killed at Northern Calif. mall on Black Friday, Harmless symptom was actually lung cancer, No thanks: Lions fire Matt Patricia, GM Bob Quinn, Eric Clapton sparks backlash over new anti-lockdown song, Highly conservative state becomes hot weed market, Black Friday starts off with whimper despite record day, Washington NFL team deletes tweet mocking Trump, How the post-election stocks rally stacks up against history. Thank you it was very helpful! It's no wonder you have so many fantastic comments. Thanks Nico.Is T-dot some kind of short-hand?J. I'm a 34 year old who used to play flute and piccolo in grades 4-8. appreciate for your respond. I have just retired from full-time woodwind teaching and played/performed with my organist husband in the past. Thank you so much!Sheila. I have only just started to learn to play , and wish I'd started years ago.A mid-life crisis in the positive sense!GaryFolkestone, England. Folks who provide this sort of resource free of charge are the kind of people we need more of .... Jennifer, thanks so much for posting this. This instruction manual is aimed at beginners therefore only the notes required for the tunes in this book It's awesome! I have heard about over blowing and rolling-in. Thank You very much for posting this Fingering Chart. Also, check on line for "flute +fingering chart". Flute and Piccolo Fingering Charts. Every one would make common mistakes like says this fingering was this note when it was the next note up. hi i am a new beginer and with out ur help i would of givin up playing the flute now i am preforming in assemblys at school every month ur the best, Dear Jenny,I'm glad to know the fingering chart is helpful. Jennifer,Thank you so much for posting so many wonderful resources! The Bb Thumb Key (also known as the Briccialdi B-flat Key) can be used for all notes where the thumb is depressed, with the exception of the B1, B2, B3 and F#3 regular fingerings. I am also picking the flute up again after many years. Flute chromatic scale with fingering chart? I have joind a SR. citizens band and am having such fun! I'm an alto sax player doubling onto flute, and I have to say this blog post was probably the most useful thing i've come across so far. Bezaly plays Lindberg Concerto, free tracks, flute fingering chart to fill in with new fingerings, links to other flute technique free pdfs & mp3s, More about 'The Art of Playing the Flute' Book, Jen's book 'The Craft of Playing the Flute'. Join. I'm a string player and former clarinet player who "inherited" my daughter's flute am trying to learn it on my own. addthis_pub = 'jennifercluff'; Marvelous! Hi jen,This may be silly, but can you show me the finger chart for Fb? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.Gratefully, MR, Seattle, Thanks MR! im really confuse, does it mean i just have to hold the top horizontal half way? This guide applies to six-hole woodwind instruments such as the Irish tin whistle (penny whistle), low whistle, or Irish flute. Chromatic Fingering Charts I am enjoying relearning an instument I love. If you really love the flute, take private lessons for 30 minutes a week. Been listening to the classical music Four Seasons - anyone got any other suggestions? I have played the flute for many years .. but have neglected playing for a few years and I'm trying to play again Hindemith Sonate --- your chart helpful for the high keys again!, Wow, you must really love Hindemith in order to learn the high register fingerings! Your site is in my favorites! "Rolling in" is a slightly wrong instruction, in my opinion. Basic Scale Sheets – B-flat, E-flat, A-flat, F, and C Concert Scales, each pitch is annotated to reinforce the key signature. This fingering chart should help a lot!!! It depresses the same keys as the B flat thumb key, but it allows for an easy transition to B natural or C flat. Those like me - music teachers who are not flute specialists - appreciate folks like you who give information we wouldn't necessarily have otherwise. Now, i am beginner in flute and i have some question where did i buy flute and with cheap price of course. You are being very helpful to lots and lots of people! Happy news. 2 Answers. You'll play much better, much faster on a good instrument with a good teacher.See articles on this site about buying a used flute, and finding a teacher: of luck,Jen. Mamianka. Thanks again.John L. Rossland BC. AH HA!T-dot is what I thought it is.T.O. Woodwinds Flute Fingering Chart. Hi you're blog is really nice and easy to read... i was hoping if you can answer my question, im a begginer and im confuse about the finger chart where the right pinky is on. :). thank you. Your blog is so helpul and I can't agree more with everyone else about the fingering chart. Huntington serial # 25656, when was it made and what material is the harp made of? Thanks for putting it up! thanks!!! Thanks for taking the time to share.Mina. Thanks for the charts, I couldn't have remembered it without you! :)I'm fixing to start teaching flute to a girl at my church and had no idea how I was gonna show her the fingering.Thanks again!!! Your fingering chart allowed me to quickly make progresses and to enjoy the instrument while in a long-term assignment very far from my family. How to hold the flute steadily while playing "C" is here:, Jen, Thank you, this chart is just what I needed for my 11 year old Granddaughter.....I write and play classical guitar and piano, but I am a little out of my element with the have alleviated some stress. What's it's other name?You can do it on the flute too. A fingering chart that makes sense & refers to the notes at the same time. I'm new to the flute & being older I find a little difficulty in putting it all together. At 61 and after not plalying for 43 years I have dusted off my flute!Your chart is helping me remember whatI had forgotten. We can put a man on the moon...(but we can't find our flute fingering charts! I'm picking up my flute again for the first time in about 18 years. Is there a proper way to hold the flute steadily while playing it ? Basic Fingering Charts – Limited to notes introduced in the first semester to year of instruction, B-flat to F together on one row – all instruments. Basic Flute Fingering Chart (free two-page PDF) 2. My daughter is in her second year of playing flute and had forgotten how to play some of the notes. :>)Best, Jen, Thanks for sharing a fingering chart that is big enough to read easily!

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