We intentionally add little more complexity to the practice questions so that when you face real exam, you will find it easier. They are horizontally scaled, redundant, and highly available VPC components that allow communication between instances in your VPC and services without imposing availability risks or bandwidth constraints on your network traffic. Which option is the most appropriate to improve the performance? In this scenario, the SQS queue is used to store the object details which is a highly scalable and reliable service. Our Free AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional PDF dumps are based on the full AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional mock exams which are available on our Web Site. Configuring an outbound rule for incoming connection is not required in security groups. That means you have roughly two minutes to answer each question. Option​ ​D ​is​ ​incorrect:​ The description in the option is inaccurate. D. Create an Elastic File System (EFS) and mount the file system in the instance. Option​ ​A ​is​ ​incorrect:​ Because with Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), users can achieve a better network performance than enhanced networking. Which of the following service do you need to call from AWS STS service after you authenticate with your on-premise? You are performing ReceiveMessage API operation on the AWS SQS queue to receive the S3 delete object message onto AWS EC2 instance. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonVPC/latest/UserGuide/VPC_Route_Tables.html#RouteTa, 19. Option A is not correct. You are using AWS SES API to send emails from your EC2 instance to multiple users. While preparing for any of the AWS certifications, you may find a number of resources for the preparation such as AWS documentation, AWS whitepapers, AWS books, AWS Videos, and AWS FAQs. 24. You have decided to use AWS Simple Email Service and configured from email address. You host a static website in an S3 bucket and there are global clients from multiple regions. When creating new EC2 instance from predefined images, you can’t choose root volume encryption. Cloud How old is this? Create a new parameter group, attach it to DB instance and change the setting. These questions are very unique, and you are beautiful too . Please refer https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-encrypted-ebs-boot-volumes/ You are an AWS Solutions Architect. Option​ ​B ​is​ ​incorrect:​ Because this option does not use cache. In a Network ACL, for a successful HTTPS connection, add an inbound rule with HTTPS type, IP range in source and ALLOW traffic. An Elastic IP address is a static, public IPv4 address designed for dynamic cloud computing. B. AWS SES is in sandbox mode by default which can send emails only to verified email addresses. https://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/#whentousedynamodb, https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2015/07/amazon-dynamodb-available-now-cross-region-replication-triggers-and-streams/, Try Now: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Free Test. A. This enables instances in your private subnets to communicate with the internet. Sorry but are you sure these questions are from the CSAA exam? Unless I am missing something. Question states the peering connection was successful. To send private IPv4 traffic from your instance to an instance in a peer VPC, you must add a route to the route table that’s associated with your subnet in which your instance resides. You have launched an RDS instance with MySQL database with default configuration for your file sharing application to store all the transactional information. All rights reserved. C. Source bucket has a policy with DENY and role used for replication is not excluded from DENY. Definitely, these AWS CSAA practice questions would have helped you to check your preparation level and boost your confidence for the exam. B. Option B, AWS Storage Gateway provides multiple solutions for backup & recovery. AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) exam validates your knowledge and skills for. A security group’s default outbound rule allows all traffic going out from the resources attached to the security group. Policy attached to IAM user does not have access to remove routes. The correct scaling policy should be scheduled scaling as it defines your own scaling schedule. The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam spans three hours and consists of 75 questions. It can be detached from the VPC and be used for another VPC. Others. A. The application you are developing involves sending traffic to AWS S3 bucket from VPC for which you planned to use a similar approach. Security groups are stateful — if you send a request from your instance, the response traffic for that request is allowed to flow in regardless of inbound security group rules. For more information about public and private subnets, see Subnet Routing. In this case, the request is not coming from a web client. Interview Preparation How many VPCs can an Internet Gateway be attached to at any given time? 26. Organization ABC has a requirement to send emails to multiple users from their application deployed on EC2 instance in a private VPC.

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