Although each of the models have been developed at different times, they fall into 3 distinct categories. The Audix OM2 is 50Hz – 16kHz, while the SM58 is 50Hz – 15kHz. Both are dynamic microphones. Way back when Audix was a fairly new product there was a national sales rep based out of our area. Shure SM58 Shop now at Final Word; Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!! Audix OM7 oder OM6 oder doch ein anderes? Dynamic mic. Like most old timers we had Shure SM58's for vocals and 57's for everything else. Today I will provide a quick comparison of these two pals, and then give a recommendation towards the end. Audix OM6 vs Shure SM58. Board-Mitarbeiter. then when the band played couldn't really hear him. Condenser mic vs. Is the OM 6 supposed to be another level of quality up, or is it a similar mic just tweaked a bit differently? Differences. Two of the best dynamic mic options; Audix i5 vs SM57. The Audix OM2 is Hypercardioid, while the SM58 is Cardioid. Is the OM5 more optimized for rejecting feedback than the OM6? Quick Links. Alternative suggested uses are the same as for the OM5. Audix OM5 vs OM6. Audix OM6 Shop now at The Sm58’s grille is also a tad larger. 25, 28.04.11 Sponsored by . The Audix OM2 is black, while the Shure SM58 is black and silver. What's the main difference between the Audix OM5 and OM6? Frequency Response. something about the beta58 that just cuts through dense rock, the audix doesn't do … OM3- The … They are also the best choice for a number of instruments while on stage. Color. Before we get into the Audix OM5 vs. OM6, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! MB bei Facebook . i remember seeing him live with the audix, at soundcheck the vocals sounded amazing, warm and full. Again following the same body styling and general voicing as the previous two models, the OM7 has a slightly less prominent presence lift than the previous two models but otherwise shows similar characteristics to the OM5. von dasmoermel, 19.04.08. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. What I will bring you in this review . Beliebte Beiträge ★ 1 ★ für boerdi Beitrag Nr. OM2 and OM3. Similarities & Differences; Video Comparison! And many of them are known to sport a variety of features and special benefits. Dynamic mics allow for a good vocal recording, have an impressive aesthetic appeal and are placed on shock mounts. OM5 and OM6 OM7 The OM2 and OM3 are cost effective all-purpose microphones with professional performance. Audix suggest that the OM6’s voicing emulates a “condenser–like” tonal quality. Seite 1 von 2 1 2 Weiter > dasmoermel Registrierter Benutzer. Polar Pattern. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE OM2, OM3, OM5, OM6, AND OM7 The OM series vocal mics from Audix have become standards in the professional audio industry. Im Board seit: 01.02.06 Zuletzt hier: 21.12.11 Beiträge: 87 Ort: Rostock Kekse: 63 Erstellt: … my friend sings in a metal band and lost his beta 58, he decided to give audix a shot, might have been an om7 but i'm not 100% sure, could have been om6.

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