share. Please register to disable this ad. ... ATN13E Type Stylus for audio-technica AT13 Cartridge - our Needle 202-DEM (5) $37.00 Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping AT14E audio-technica ATN14E our Needle 202-DE-nude $76.00 OBSOLETE - see below for options AT14 audio-technica ATN14 & AKAI RS-180 Needle 202-DQX (3) … Zonker92, Dec 20, 2011 #1 . Cartridge/stylus identification help. Messages: 12,433 Location: San Jose Ca. He put a new cartridge in it back in the late 70's/early 80's I believe, and he says he a put pretty chunk of change into buying it. Find your turntable stylus fast with our lookup tool using your AUDIO TECHNICA brand OEM stylus number. Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords. I've been browsing Google images and Google Shopping results, but I can't figure out which Audio-Technica cartridge this is. Any ideas? Re: Audio Technica cartridge identification game Post by wualta » 09 Dec 2016 19:30 While it's possible to be legitimately concerned about the rigidity of the p-mount adapter (A-T's is, in my opinion, one of the better ones), of more immediate concern is the added mass and height the adapter brings. 0 comments. Cartridge/stylus identification help. Close • Posted by just now. Part of the 600 Series in Audio-Technica’s new VM cartridge line – a line that harks back to With a specialized body and internal wiring dedicated to monaural sound reproduction, the VM610MONO conical stylus cartridge is designed for playing mono records. save hide report. no comments yet. Initially known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, Audio-Technica now creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for home and professional use. Thanks! Be the first to share what you think! Posted by 2 days ago. try LP TUNES ferninando, Dec 20, 2011 #2. Sort by. Messages: 30,280 Location: SW … best. Founded in 1962, Audio Technica is famous for their large range of high-quality phono cartridges.W hilst being a specialist phono cartridge designer and manufacturer, Audio Technica has also been exporting phono cartridges to audio equipment manufacturers worldwide since 1969. ferninando Lunatic Member. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the turntables community. 34. I'm really interested in finding out what kind it is, but there are no markings on the cartridge whatsoever other than the Audio-Technica logos. Audio-Technica designs, distributes and manufactures problem-solving audio equipment. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. faucet cartridge identification kitchen balanced identification shower cartridge depot dbgszcsite the home dbgszcsite faucet delta identify faucet cartridge temp pressure posi older how to showers diy advocate master plumbing advocate master plumbing. 100% Upvoted.

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