Alternatively you could stir in chutney too, that’s really nice as well. The Indian lady I know gave me these steps: 1. I’m from Britain and living in Europe so I’ll stick with aubergine. Thanks for pointing it out! Good question with the slow cooker – I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. Easy and fast, great results! If it stays indented, looks blemished or wrinkled then its best days are probably behind. Glad to hear it hit the spot. Slightly sweet with added richness from the coconut milk, this simple vegan curry is a winner. Great idea to use up the sweet potatoes – don’t want good food to go to waste! This aubergine curry recipe isn’t an authentic Birmingham balti though it was prepared in an authentic ‘made in Birmingham’ balti bowl.. To be authentic, you would need to omit the sauce in this recipe which was made with fried onions, tomatoes and water and add a base curry sauce instead. And so simple to make! This is not a mediterranean dish. Reminded me of a vegetarian version of a great butter chicken! Surely something like cream would work. It will be made and shared many times in my house. Wow this seems to be really tasty vegan stuff. This was OUTSTANDING!!!!! Adding to the list of recurring meals. Thanks Verna! Aubergines can go off pretty quickly and they’re also quite sensitive to bruising and improper storage. Made it tonight. Heat the remaining oil in an ovenproof pan or flameproof casserole dish and cook the onions over a medium heat for 5-6 mins until softening. Added sweet potatoes and skipped the tomatoes, as I wanted to use up the former that’s been sitting on the counter for too long. Sauce looks rather red when I cook this recipe and also tastes a lot like tomato sauce. Sounds great Lisa, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the recipe. I used full fat coconut milk and added 2 T Major Grey chutney at the end to round it out. This one is our newest love. Both is fine, just sayin’. More ». Amazing! Add a little seasoning if you like, and a pinch of sugar if it needs it. I doubled all ingredients but tripled the aubergine. I added a little cumin and voila! Thanks for writing! I served it with homemade flatbreads (recipe from Nagi at This amazing aubergine curry (or eggplant curry) is quick, vegan and soooo tasty. We took a gamble with this recipe and made it for the first time for our long-term veggie relatives. 3. then you add garlic and ginger (if any) Otherwise exactly followed it and it’s delish. Oh dear, my answer comes too late! They’re also really nutritious. The seeds in an eggplant are edible (and good for you) so it’s a really easy vegetable (or fruit) to prepare. The weekend was inbetween, I’m sorry :(( Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Hahaha, good job you had the naan on hand, Erin :D. Really glad you enjoyed it as much as we did, yay! Cheers . It is Indian. Thanks too – the tips are great, Great recipe. They get called the same and different across the world! Add them to a baking tray, and cover with 1 … Try not to nick or cut them. This has to be one of my favourite veggie Balti curries. How to make the BEST chicken and aubergine curry. From the UK to Germany with many stops along the way. But I wouldnt go with jsut plant milk. It looks great but sizes are needed. Soo, we’ve used light coconut milk in this recipe to keep the calories at around 600kcal per serving. We cook the eggplant in the oven to speed up the recipe and keep things from getting too unruly on the stovetop. I’ll try out your flow of steps as well and then compare . Thank you guys! What I liked most about the dish: how the aubergine soaks up the sauce, yuuummm . We love curry, and Kat can usually be found developing new varieties. Yes a clove of garlic is just one piece from the bulb , Just wondering do you guys/gals salt your eggplant. Thanks for writing! Yes, it’s always good to be certain with these things! Whatever we call them, Aubergine curry is a fantastic addition to our ever-growing collection of curry recipes. Did you mix a staple like rice with it? Also this curry is great with some red kidney beans for extra protein Thank you for the recipe! 4. you add the eggplants or meats. Or maybe a soy based cream alternative. Tasty and vegan :). It was tough. Do you think it would also work with heavy cream (maybe watered down with milk) instead of coconut milk ? Can’t wait to try some more! Simmer for 20-25 mins, removing the lid for the final 5 mins to thicken the sauce. Awesome you found it so helpful. What are vegan favorites? Served over basmati rice with garlic naan on the side. Should I use full-fat coconut milk? It was delicious and easy. In my humble opinion, curry is one of…, HOORAY! Aubergine curry is a quick recipe – perfect for those evenings when you want some tasty comfort food and you want it NOW! Really glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to know how to adjust to do it in a slow cooker to get perfect tender eggplant! Glad we were able to help, Sue! If you’re watching calories for any reason then a skimmed version might be the best bet , There seems to be a lot of sauce. In a nutshell they’re full of fiber, B1 and B6 vitamins, antioxidants and various minerals including copper, manganese and copper. Tastes really nice tho. With almond milk it still sounds really nice, I’d definitely give it a go , Looks great could you send on all the recipes to me please, Great recipe and so easy to follow. Us too, don’t worry. So is this an aubergine curry or an eggplant curry? Thanks for the heads up! This is definitely a keeper. It’s so delicious when it’s served over basmati white rice and garnished with fresh parsley. Yes it helps, I am doing meal prep and making smaller portions, so just needed to clarify, Just to share, I have tried this with quinoa instead of rice and also have roasted the aubergine in the oven for 20-25 mins. I don’t have any coconut milk, do you think it would work with another plant milk – I have soy, almond and oat. Thank you for writing, too! Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. That’s a good question, Erica! Thanks for a great recipe! Very happy to hear that, Carey. Goes great with biryani chicken. I haven’t tried it yet as there’s normally none left after we cook it :D. First time I’ve made a curry sooo good I’m trying the colyflower curry today. Hi Dave, my friend and I absolutely love this recipe. No, we don’t. I learned to cook curries whilst living in England years ago, and it is my absolute favourite food. Really glad to hear!! The lime juice really brings out the flavor! We’ve been veggie for 9 months, are in our mid-50s and are loving the variety of foods; touch wood, really no struggle so far! I didn’t have coconut milk or coriander, so I used half and half and curry powder. I’m doing something wrong… Gary. Ooh, nice! Will post my appraisal when eaten. In my opinion a good curry needs to have just a hint of sweetness in the background, so without the coconut milk I would stir in a tsp or two of sugar or honey. I’m not vegetarian but who needs meat when this tastes so good. I have never seen like this before rice with this recipe. Brought to you by the kings of curry. In Europe and the UK they’re known as aubergines. Would it be possible to do this in a slow cooker? We have some other awesomeeeeeee curries on the site. Hi Elena! The vegan chickpea curry and the new lentil patties spring to mind enjoy! You’re very welcome – and we enjoyed creating it, too! You always toast/roast the spices first. This has to be one of my favourite veggie Balti curries. This curry was unreal! 4.72 from 82 votes.

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