Swamp ash, up until earlier this year, was a staple of Fender guitars. Many guitar manufacturers as a substitute for alder are using this wood, as it is quite similar in tone. Solid Strat® bodies of Northern Hard Ash usually weigh 5 pounds or more. Re: Hard Ash Vs Swamp Ash - Tonal differences?? It then announced that it would be phasing out the wood in most cases, reserving it only for special occasions – historical models and the highest-end offerings.. Now, Scientific American has taken a deep look as to what problems swamp ash supply is faced with. Sonically is produces more treble and good sustain which results in a brighter and more pronounced tone than some other tone woods. My Warmoth is swamp ash, and about 3lbs … Ash is a very strong and dense hardwood that typically features straight grain and light colour. It is often considered as the other "traditional" Stratocaster body wood. Swamp Ash (guitar) Average Dried Weight: less than 30-33.6 lbs/ft 3 (481-538 kg/m 3). Its lows are strong, the mids are pronounced and the highs are bell-like but clear. Board-foot weight: less than 2.5-2.8 pounds Fender moved from Swamp Ash to Alder due to availability/price more than anything else. Ash, specifically the swamp ash, is another lightweight material that has an extremely porous characteristic. Swamp Ash is more variable, though. Generally speaking, they're pretty similar tone-wise. It's not dramatic, though. Poplar: one of the softer hardwoods, nicely resonant with a meaty tone. It really has its own thing going on. Northern Hard Ash is the heavier of the two. Ash comes in two varieties: Northern Hard Ash and Swamp Ash. I have a 1982 Strat made out of northern ash. Swamp ash in particular is lighter than its relative Northern Ash … Swamp Ash is typically lighter, with Strat® bodies under 5 pounds. Of course weight can vary for all these woods, depending on many factors. Depending on where on the tree it's cut from and how it's cut, it can change character. It lacks the snap of a regular Strat, but it makes up for it with more note bloom and a rich sustain. Ash: exhibits a "snappier" tone with a bright edge, but with a warm bass and long sustain.

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