Any Other Color Faults: Blue or sooty under-tail wedge. 91 - 92 points This grade is awarded to pigeons that either have some obvious major faults or an accumulation of too many minor faults. Barless, barred, checkered, T-pattern and solid colored wing shields are all acceptable. Eyes: Slating or blue in the tail. The head should slope up from the beak rather sharply and then be flat from the forehead back to the crest. President: Marv Jones Sr. 352-382-0443. Self and Other Color Patterns One of the most beautiful kinds of pigeons is the archangel. The even quality of the basic color is important. It is a member of the German Color Pigeon Group, at times also refered to as the German Toy Group. And their neck is fairly long and comparatively thin. Too much blue or gray in shanks. Read some more information about this breed below. One of the most recognizable breeds of pigeon, the fantail is characterized by, yes, … The American Archangel Club was reformed in 1993 by a small group of dedicated Archangel Breeders who sought to improve the quality and increase the quantity of Archangels that were entered in the pigeon shows around the country. Otherwise the rules and suggestions follow those as discussed above. Green sheen or sooty color in neck. Greenish, yellowish or sooty color in bronze areas. It is a very old breed, and it’s origin place most likely is Dalmatia or Illyria. Color: Many, including white African owl, brown, black and more; Use: Pets; 21. Some of the copper blues which are shown are too dark in their coloring. Narrow, approximately one and a half feathers wide. Bluish or slate tails, grey or sooty under-tail wedge. The rounded head makes it a stunning looking bird. The Gimpels have two main body colors, bronze and copper as shown below, and three wing colours—black, blue and white. Bronze is still being studied to analyze its … The eyes must be uniform in color and are usually bull. In the white wing Archangels, the copper is somewhat darker and is more of a brownish red. Wing shield, back, rump and tail are to be an even shade of blue. Tail should be held in line with the back which is approximately 40 degrees from horizontal. Faults: uneven color or shading. Blue Wing Faults: Wing shield, back, rump and tail should have as much iridescent beetle green sheen as possible, the more sheen the better. When wings or tails are spread a very light spotting or flecking may be visible and is not a fault. Wings: Head, neck, breast, belly, shanks and under-tail wedge are to be of a golden yellow color. Birds without fire are worthless and should be judged as such. Quinn once catalogued 8 different types of Bronze in Pigeons. White toe nails on black wing or blue wing. Birds are not pictured for their close resemblance to any standard. The tail must not be carried too low as to touch the ground. It may sometimes be a little more skittish than some of the other popular pigeon breeds. Archangel Gimpel pigeon Simple Genetic and Basic Mutations Poster GouldianFinch. The following are admissible: barless blue wings, blue wings with black bars, with black bars and white flights, with white flights and monk pattern, with white tail and blue checkered, which also occur with white flights. Black Wing: They are pictured for their color ONLY. Concerning station, Archangels tend to be flighty, but in the show pen they should station properly neither crouching or leaning back on the tail. Duck A top bird must show fine fiery copper from head to under-tail wedge, color may not break off and may show no green, with the exception of a breath/tint of green on the upper neck. Faults: gray on the back or color flecking in wing shield. Color Chart. The demands are the same for all, but because of their rarity, sensitivity and leniency ought to guide the judging process. Body:

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