That’s 25 years' peace of mind! Amtico’s wood floor and other finish luxury vinyl tiles feel pleasant underfoot whatever the weather. Request a Sample. Beautiful wood flooring designs from Amtico. Likewise, almost 754 million pounds, or 43 percent, is spent on this subcategory alone because it is user-friendly, can be installed quickly, and can be used in almost any location. Amtico Spacia is an accessible collection of hard-wearing flooring, creating outstanding visual appeal with exceptional performance. If you are considering extending or updating your home, and thinking about a wood or stone floor, then Amtico’s wood and stone effect floors offer the same beautiful, stylish finish without the need for expensive underfloor heating. Our wood and stone effect flooring is also more resilient, meaning you can stand on it for longer without your feet aching, making it a more enjoyable and practical option for the whole family. means the hardness of the floor, especially the top layer. Now, you aren't limited in commercial settings to laminate or vinyl tiles, allowing you to create a warm and calming space in hospitals, retail centres and shops, restaurants and more. Amtico LVT gives you all the benefits of natural wood flooring, including a beautiful wood-like finish, with none of the associated problems including scratching and wear-and-tear. The Amtico Signature collection offers premium wood, abstract and stone designs, all with a total thickness of 2.5mm. These Listed Amtico Products are for Trade, Retail shops, Builders and Property developers who require larger amounts of Flooring. Welcome to Amtico Flooring. Whether you own a business or are consider a new wood floor for spaces within your home, luxury vinyl tile is safe and practice for everyone. The Spacia collection will provide you with a stylish floor that stands the test of time. This collection also has extra durability, with a 1mm wear layer, and can come with a lifetime warranty for residential applications, giving you peace of mind. With LVT, you don't have to worry about how cold or warm the weather outside is; no need to invest in underfloor heating. Likewise, you can place multiple motifs to create a bolder style or just one to create a central feature within the room. Even though hardwood is a natural material, which means it can reproduce itself given enough time, deforestation has led to the destruction of many trees. It is created to replicate natural materials so closely that it is hard to distinguish from real natural wood, and can in fact deliver a more consistent looking finish across your floor. We are an approved Amtico flooring stockist and retailer, providing over 15 years of expert service supplying Amtico LVT flooring at the best prices. For example, if you have a room focal point or feature, you can put a motif on the floor where it will sit, creating a striking contrast. Karndean is very similar to Amtico – they are both aimed at the upper end of the vinyl flooring market, and are both created and used in similar ways. With manufacturing and photography techniques, LVT can offer layer texturization, meaning that the planks look and feel like wood. Amtico offers an unrivalled choice of flooring options, allowing you to effortlessly introduce colour and pattern to your home. call us 01625 876387. Looking for classic wood flooring? The choice is endless - from relaxed and classic to bold and contemporary, you’ll find something that catches your eye among the wide selection of wood, stone or abstract Amtico flooring designs. Luxury vinyl tile requires less upkeep than hardwoods and can withstand climate and moisture better. At Carpet & Flooring Online we sell the entire range of Antico Signature luxury vinyl flooring. Natural wood options can be used in commercial and residential places, but you must consider the constant upkeep they will require. It is easy to clean, has environmental benefit and can be adapted for a great variety of uses. LVT can also be made with a multi-directional base layer using a hot-press method, which gives it a memory enabling it to remain straight and repel moisture. Call our team today on 01905 954045 for unbeatable prices on Amtico Signature Flooring! It uses salt, an abundant resource, as one of its main components. The foundation of Amtico LVT comes from advanced photographic technologies that replicate real stones and hardwood. With the regular traffic seen in corporate, office and retail settings, you would be spending a lot of money and time to maintain it. With Amtico LVT, you can still get all the benefits of wood without the issues associated with them. Likewise, the Access collection can improve the acoustics of the room, while the Signature 36+ collection offers slip resistance and more safety and security while walking across the floor. At Amtico, we understand that you want a beautiful commercial or residential environment, from floor to ceiling. With manufacturing and photography techniques, LVT can offer layer texturization, meaning that the planks look and feel like wood. This also creates more uniformity across the finish and can subsequently translate to lower costs. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. We have a range of Amtico vinyl tiles in stock ready to order. If you want the beautiful style and finish of wooden flooring in your home or project but you do not want the hassle of maintaining a wooden floor, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) offers an alternative solution. The new range, Amtico Form, is as functional as it is beautiful, and guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years. Luxury vinyl can sidestep all the issues of natural wood floor. Investing in a wooden LVT finish, rather than a natural wood floor, provides an authentic, durable wooden look floor with a lower level of maintenance. It’s also worth noting that newer technology makes it tougher to distinguish between LVT and hardwood. Hardwood can be durable, but it requires more work to keep it that way. We're the online branch of Premier Carpet & Flooring with two retail showrooms in the West Midlands. To recap Amtico luxury vinyl tile comes in a broad and adaptable range of beautiful collections and design styles. Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile products can also help keep energy costs lower because it feels warmer underfoot in your home.

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