In our experience, Swamp Ash is roughly in the same weight range as Alder. The only issue I have with basswood is it's softer and dings easier. Sometimes it’s lighter than alder. Alder is very constant in weight most Alder Teles are 7.5-8.0lbs There are different kinds of Ash swamp and northern which has more weight. Keep in mind 2 bodies of the same type of wood can be quite different. The three are very similar, with the biggest differences being hardness and grain appearance. Fender Stats are typically made with either an alder body or a swamp ash body. The grain is open and the color is creamy. Are you sure it isn't "just" ash, and not swamp ash? Typically, kiln dried alder wood weighs between 2.2-2.8LB/BF. A Strat® body will normally weigh under 5 lbs. The weight can vary based on the type of wood that is used for the body. Swamp Ash looks much better with translucent finishes IMO. Maybe I have a lead ear, but I've never been able to tell much tonal difference between alder, swamp ash and basswood. Swamp Ash is a prized wood for many reasons. They both come from the same tree, but the swamp ash was the stuff under the water. It tends to be slightly more pronounced at the top-end when compared to alder, with a … Other times, it’s heavier. Punky Ash weighs about the same as standard alder. Swamp ash is lighter since it isn't as dense due to being under water. It is a fairly light weight wood which makes it easily distinguishable from Hard Ash. Many of the 50's Fenders were made of Swamp Ash. Alder body guitars are usually a little bit lighter and are usually found in the older contemporary models from the 1980’s. Nope, they can weigh the same but they can also produce pretty big differences, but as a generality alder is LIKELY to be lighter Alder Strat bodies can be as low as 3lb 2oz while a low swamp ash body rarely gets below 3lb 8oz, while a heavy alder body rarely goes about 4lb 8oz, a swamp ash … Swamp ash tonewood is highly resonant across the entire frequency spectrum, but does tend to feature slightly scooped middle frequencies which results in a balanced but bright and sweet sound. The "northern" ash is just the stuff higher up on the tree, and it is more dense. What is Heavier Swamp Ash or Alder? A swamp Ash Tele can be 6.5-8.0 lbs and a Northern Ash one can be 8.0-11.0lbs That said, alder generally has more mids and is warmer; swamp ash has tight bottom end and more top end presence - almost "scooped" compared to alder. Re: weight of swamp ash strat vs. alder strat? A nice compromise is chambered swamp ash, the chambers add some additional resonance that warms the swamp ash. The average weight of a Fender Stratocaster is about 8 pounds (3.6 kg).

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