The permitting process can be onerous and time consuming, which for small operators, may be a barrier to growth (Wilderness Tourism Association, 2005). For more information, visit the marine wildlife viewing guidelines: Browse … About Us. Leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver and Whistler, there was much debate about the need for a continuing legacy from the event. As shown throughout this chapter, recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism play predominant roles in the tourism and hospitality industry in BC. For more information, visit the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC website: Retrieved from:, Tourism BC. The coastline of more than 25,000 kilometres in length provides ideal opportunities for recreation and tourism (BC Adventure, n.d.). Spotlight On: The British Columbia Guest Ranchers Association, The British Columbia Guest Ranchers Association (BCGRA) represents guest and dude ranch operators in the province. The province’s vast diversity of marine life is a key attraction of the tours; in addition to whale watching, a typical tour may encounter bald eagles, sea lions, porpoises, and a variety of sea birds (Destination BC, 2014,d). Whale watching occurs along the coast of BC, with tours sometimes leaving from major urban centres, but more commonly from smaller communities such as Telegraph Cove on northern Vancouver Island. (n.d.). What recreational activities are featured in the video? Our members. Copyright 2020 Tourism Victoria. As with heliskiing, snowcat skiers have the option of choosing single-day or multi-day vacation packages. Collectively, these sports fall under the paddle sports category, which encompasses any activity that takes place in small boats propelled by paddles (Education Scotland, n.d.). Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, Differentiate between recreation, outdoor recreation, adventure tourism, and nature-based tourism, Describe the significance, size, and economic contribution of this sector to the overall tourism industry in BC, Identify key industry organizations in recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism, Classify different subsectors of recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism, Recognize the unique challenges facing recreation, outdoor recreation, and adventure tourism in BC. The last sector-wide study in 2005 estimated that business revenues in outdoor adventure tourism accounted for approximately $854 million in annual business revenues (Tourism BC, 2013). Guest ranchers business survey 2008/2009. Mountain resorts and nordic centres are part of the larger resort tourism sector, which in 2004 was valued at $1.9 billion (Tourism BC, 2011c). Bear viewing. Retrieved from:, Webster, D. (2013). [PDF] Retrieved from:,-January-2013/Outdoor-Recreation-for-Distribution-14Jan13-FINAL-DRAFT-(2).pdf.aspx. In addition, the Canadian golf participation rate (for the total Canadian population) was 21.5%, which is among the highest golf participation rates of any country in the world. If they travel afar for that same activity, it likely is designated as adventure tourism. BC is uniquely positioned to maintain positive growth in this area, contingent upon government support to address the barriers and challenges listed above. Victoria is the gateway to Vancouver Island's Golf Trail, a 250-kilometre-long network of 11 scenic courses. Retrieved from, Outdoor Recreation Council of BC. (n.d.). A 2009 economic impact study found that more than six million Canadians participate in the game of golf each year, making this sport the number one outdoor recreational activity in Canada based on participation. Whale watching. If the kayaking is done in protected, mild conditions, it would be considered soft adventure, but if done in a challenging and risky river descent, it may be classified as hard adventure. As well, a variety of dive sites are available, including marine parks, protected natural areas, sunken naval vessels, artificial reefs, historic wrecks, and even a submerged fuselage of a Boeing 737 airliner (Dive Industry Association of BC, n.d.).

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