They're beautiful and love to see me approach the tank in the first day. Proud Member of the Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association, 39392465 requests since Monday 20 October, 2003. All our disc babies a growing well active , colors are starting to get more viberent. Anyway they are beautiful. Best customer service hands down. I highly recommend buying from Mac. oz. Fish got here alive, and once I got home from work that night they were completely acclimated and eating; all are well a month later. 3 weeks since the new arrivals (mixed variety 6 pack) arrived. I am definitely ordering again! The discus arrived on time and alive. They already show amazing color development for fish this young. Steve did a great job hand picking them! I received my order!!! His BLOG is full of helpful info and his fish are the most gorgeous I have seen. Thank you Mac!! Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. I highly recommend Mac’s Discus. JUMP AT THE CHANCE. He also replied to all my emails promptly and professionally. Best Birthday in years. From ordering to shipping the experience was extremely satisfying. All arrived in good health, and acclimated exactly according to instructions. Beautiful fish in size, shape and color. Posted by freddie lightford on 26th May 2017. If you're ordering your discus from somewhere else other than Mac's discus you're making a huge mistake. I will be a returning custome sir! Our first time Discus purchase, and we promise not the last.We got the multi colored 6 pack a month ago . I ordered two multi-colored six packs. Here is a link to the video, I actually made 2 orders. The fish came in alive and healthy. In a couple of weeks, after the filter has adjusted, I plan to make another order :). Mac you are best. The shipping and first hand customer service was speedy and friendly. Highly recommend. Very healthy, currently eating dry flake food and blood worms, which can be bought at any fish store. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! I received my fish happy and healthy and they acclimated great. Got the discus today at around 10Am I have to say you never disappoint me!! Here are both the links. My discus are beautiful. He has promptly answered my questions about stocking levels, appropriate tank decorations and feeding. Not one is the same color. good communication, Great fish great service,only thing was fish went on sale $30 cheeper the day I got my fish,I will be bying more discus from mac, "DISCUS FISH SALE" Six Contrasting Color 6 Pack "Delivered". Thanks to macs discus for caring about the customer and the customer product. They are gorgeous and look very healthy! Most of the fish came perfectly healthy except for one who didn't survive the trip. Quality Discus Fish for Sale Shipped to your door! In the end I ordered the 6 pack and received a call from Mac that the weather was going to cause some issues which was amazing to me because many people would have just sent them regardless and when they arrived Mac did an amazing job picking the colors. The fish came with a day delay, fedex missed a connection and I was amazed how they managed the extra day in a box. I love having them and will buy more when I get a bigger tank. Steve did a great job providing me with an amazing variety to start my discus tank. All are doing great and eating flake, granules and frozen/freeze-dried foods. I had all my questions answered and my fears put to rest. I ordered the 6 pack and I am extremely pleased with health and quality of Mac’s Discus. I am very pleased with my purchase and growing out a very nice group of Discus. These guys are really responsive and great to deal with. Steve was very helpful in providing all information I needed from shipping to pickup. All the fish arrived safe and healthy and after a typical acclimatization, have settled into the community tank really well. Win, 4 have great color the other two are getting there. Thank you! They have continued to eat vigorously ever since as well. Fish came healthy and there was a great variety. Posted by Markanthony Lee on 8th Jun 2015, I could not ask for a better color mix. The fish were shipped very quickly and packed very well. Great customer service with swift delivery. They are no more difficult to care for than any other fish I have owned. I lived in Venezuela back then. arrived fine, good colors to start with. I can just walk by the tank and there they are. He replied everytime and updated me every step of the way.. Within the week or so since I purchased the fish , their colors have brightened and they are even more attractive and active. They were eating blood worms that night.been in tank week and half and are doing great. My discus arrived alive and healthy and were eating the first day. They eat a variety of fresh water shrimp, worms, insects, and aquatic vegetation. All acclimated very well took frozen blood worms and even a taste of mysis shrimp late afternoon. The only knock I have is that the smallest of the six fish received, the Gold Diamond, has not eaten much since he arrived and has also been quite lethargic. We can't tell you how very pleased we are with our purchase and look forward to ordering more. I purchase my beautiful duscus from Mac's and they arrived safe and sound promptly as Steve emailed me and said they would. . If you are looking for healthy discus, stop here and buy from Macs. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 30.00. If you have any doubts wash them away or your losing out. Shipping is the fastest I have ever seen! First time ordering fish through the mail, but the 6 color pack deal seemed worthwhile. All fish arrived healthy and are still doing well. Despite the modest nature of my purchase ,I have been impressed with the attention given to me by Steve. I have never kept discus before this attempt. I contacted Steve and he offered a replacement free of charge and arranged for me to pick it up. I would recommend this service to any fish keeper! I received my fish all of which were packaged very nicely "no leaks" and bags were "neatly secured" The color on these fish are absolutely brilliant. Great mix of colors and perfectly round. Thank you for breeding such healthy baby discus. These discus are fantastic. The fish arrived healthy. He worked with my son and myself from beginning to arrival. No cure needed. One likes to hang out in a cave overnight - a behavior I have never seen in a discus before. etc. They seem happy and have adapted to life in a planted tank with tetras and guppies. I highly recommend MACK's DISCUS, Posted by C A Jones Dover DE on 17th Jul 2015. The choices that Mac has now are stunning. Based on my experience I would highly recommend purchasing Discus from Mac's Discus. They all are very healthy and are great eaters. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. This pack features an array of 6 different contrasting colors, "MY PICK" of our most popular discus fish ranging in size from 2" to 2.5". Fish came very quickly and were in great shape. I purchased a 6 pack. Most fun I have had with fish in a long time. Eating well and the color variance on the assorted 6 pack of juvenile's is perfect. This was my first time ever ordering fish online. Will order again when the 6 pack becomes available. I received three discus pairs, the Pigeon Blood, Cobalt, and Blue Turquoise. I bought 5 more just recently and now have 16 in a 75 gal tank! All the fish arrived healthy.

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