I see that you spoke with our phone team on September 25th, 2020 and replacements are being sent to you for the damaged pouches of Sweetberry Cream of Wheat but I would like to personally review your order. And missing were the $80.00 in free gifts. I am sorry if you did not receive the email we sent regarding the delay or the clause at the bottom of your order confirmation stating this information. 8. I did not get the creamy potato soup, loaded baked potato soup, chili mac, the berry cream of wheat, nor the energy drink; in short, two-thirds of what was advertised consisted of substitutions "of equal value". Can you please respond with your other order numbers so I may investigate further? You did not provide any further information. Knowledgeable staff answers questions and you can ALWAYS speak to a person! You then responded to the BBB advising you were satisfied with the resolution, and you would remove your negative review. I am so sorry for the confusion and frustration you have experienced. My only negative criticism is that the massive amounts of rice and oatmeal that come in the 4-week kits. Oh, yes, definitely very tasty, especially the creamy rice and vegetable dinner, which is my favorite. I'd just like my 4-week supply of food. These kits reflect they were delivered on 5/26/20 as shown here: https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?tracknumbers=393112883147. We depend on feedback like yours to make our services and products the best they can be. I called, and have been told they are being replaced. It came with a $25 coupon for another purchase and wanted to try the Fruit, Veggie, Snack Kit, so I went ahead and ordered. We’d love to hear about your experience with our products. The Sun Kettles, coffee, and cocoa will be included. Our records indicate that your complaint was previously resolved by our Facebook team on 10/12/2020. Slow response can be worked through, but weeks before an acknowledgment is not good. We are experiencing higher than normal call volume with long hold times. if we did not respond to you within 24-hours. This becomes very expensive if you factor in paying for items not delivered. I attempted to contact them by phone, but after being on hold and music playing in my ear for about 30 minutes, I gave up and then attempted to contact them by email, which they have ignored. Customer service is impossible to get in touch with. The link they sent didn’t work. Our records indicate that your order has shipped and is scheduled for delivery on 10/19/2020. As a courtesy, I will send a Sun Kettle once they return to stock later this month. I am beyond dealing with them. Then the upsell started. We are happy to place an order for you by phone using either of the mentioned discounts at 800-304-4202. And so the shadiness begins. For the price we paid for the kit, that is some expensive rice and oatmeal! Food for Patriots, found online at Food4Patriots.com, is a company which sells survival food kits to people who are looking for nutritious food packs which can withstand long periods of storage, in case of an emergency. I sent an email the same day, no response. I contacted my children, and that was pretty much the same story: mostly items NOT advertised in the kits, and none of the free gifts. https://www.ups.com/track?loc=null&tracknum=1Z8A98750392704542&requester=WT/trackdetails. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I was supposed to get 3 free 72-hour kits, 4 library books, and a $25 gift certificate with each order that I did not receive. If you ever have any other feedback, concerns, suggestions, or compliments, please do not hesitate to write in! Avoid prolonged exposure to temps above 75 degrees F. Keep food sealed until ready to eat. That didn't happen either. So, while my review according to my experience was not inaccurate, and as I do have pictures to prove my concerns/claims, which are also documented and on file with (including pictures) with the BBB, I have redacted my original experience per their "friendly" request, and of course to avoid them "needing to take action" as honestly, who has time or money for that? The cocoa and coffee and 72-hour food packs would be nice too. 4. Storage conditions impact the shelf life of your food. When I mentioned it to the customer service rep that there was an overdose of rice and oatmeal in the kit, she said they use what they have available to give the customer the correct number of portions. However, given their lack of response, I am demanding a refund of their fraudulent charge to my checking account. In fact, many varieties can last up to 25 years! Otherwise, a sales agent is no help except to take your money. We take our reputation very seriously and will not tolerate any lies to be made about our company. At 4Patriots, we champion freedom and self-reliance. Tried email. 18 days after order - still waiting. Each pouch will contain an oxygen absorber to remove additional air and preserve the ingredients for 25-years*. Still, each kit will contain at least 184-servings of equal or greater nutritional value. The "equal value" substitutions included pancake mix, banana chips, powdered whey milk, a couple of pouches of creamy chicken soup, and a pouch of broccoli casserole. Then it took at least another month for me to receive my order. I would recommend them once I know they had gotten things under control. We are trying to handle every call and email that comes into us in a timely manner, and we are sorry that we have not met your expectations. We hope to serve you again! I received my order on October 16, 2020. Don't be put off by the super slick upselling when you go to check out. No code required. I apologize for any confusion about the 4-week kit that was purchased and the promotion you saw advertised. Bought a solid generator. I am sorry if the tracking information was missed when our Facebook team sent it to you on October 12th. We did decline to service your generator as the 1-year warranty, which starts from the date of purchase, had expired. Additional oatmeal may be sent as other breakfast options have been out of stock at the time of your purchase. Thank you for providing feedback regarding your experience with our company. Please send an email with your order information to reviews@4patriots.com with ATTN: Kerri in the subject line and I'll be happy to take care of this for you. I emailed them to ask when the second one was due, got a confirmation they would be responding in 24-48 hours. 2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37204This is the corporate office. Well, no one called to help me get it to work (so I did NOT SEND THEM MORE MONEY). Please send an email to reviews@4patriots.com with ATTN: Kerri in the subject line and let me know which pouches were damaged. Numerous times. I was told I would get a replacement 4-week food box...no replacement has been received. To this day I still have no response and tried again today to call and held for 45 minutes before giving up as I could not stand the music and BS updates of "this call may be recorded for quality assurance and if you'd like a call back press the # button". I have been purchasing products and food for years. SAD. I also was supposed to get two 72-hour meal packages. I was over-charged for one of the THREE orders. I did receive the two boxes I ordered for the holiday sale but still no replacement box from my first original two box order. The tubs were incomplete (not the amount or types advertised), ******* (part of the reviews were redacted). Our 365-day money-back promise would have provided a free return of the generator and a refund of all payments made at that time. I have purchased several things from 4Patriots and at times received coupons worth $25.00 to $40.00 good towards my next purchase and each time I attempted to use these coupons, I was unable to apply them. Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

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