Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Sky-Watcher 8in SynScan GoTo Dobsonian. swag . C32 comes with: Feathertouch utilize the Argonavis and ServoCAT, with both mounted right next to the The C32 can easily be assembled by Types of Dobsonian Telescope… forum. f.a.q. The 36-inch scope is actually built and photographed, with delivery scheduled for this summer, although the 40- and 50-inch scopes still exist only as drawings. big aperture, Add to Cart. In fact, this scope Shop for a new Apertura Dobsonian telescope and Apertura accessories from High Point today. This keeps the cost low without having to compromise on the size or quality of the optics. Bearing 27 Point Mirror 1) 36" Obsession 9/20/01 (36" f/5 open truss Dobsonian, NLA, was $15,995. is shorter than our competitor's 25" scopes! This keeps the cost low without having to compromise on the size or quality of the optics. Our C32 is for those who want really All of the Dobsonian Telescopes that I supply are individually made by me in my workshop in Nottingham. Showing 1 to 36 of 41 total. quality. The Dobsonian telescope is perfect for budding astronomers because they're powerful, easy to use, and very affordable. Find an object fast with the Digital Setting Circles, then keep it centered with the tracking of the Platform. optics . Image 1: Designer, builder Tom Osypowski next to the Equatorial Platforms 32-inch f/2.8 SlipStream. Dobsonian telescopes are the undisputed champions of deep space observing; do not be surprised to see a 25 or even 30 inch Dobsonian at your first major star party. Great for public institutions or the "ladder phobic"! at zenith, 40% of the time you will be observing with both feet on the ground. Time left 4h 13m left. The Main Dobsonian Telescope Range: Dobsonian Telescopes. What are Dobsonian Telescopes? Our C30 f/3.3 telescope is for you! contact 32" f/3.6 - c32 The photograph above is just one example from the range. Eyepiece height at zenith = 108" (274cm). eyepiece. The Obsession 18" features the same quality craftsmanship and award winning design as found on our renown 20", 25", 30" and 36 inch telescopes. Scratch-proof Great Red Spot’s Jupiter Series 40-inch Dobsonian Reflector Telescope has a focal ratio of f/3.6. Dobsonian telescopes are classic Newtonian telescopes in terms of the tube and optics. No climbing up and down the ladder to use the Argo. 2 speed focuser with deluxe adjustable base, Newly redesigned Watch; I J S U J E V 2 F K X p o F n s o r e d. OPEN BOX Orion 10136 kyQuest GoTo Dobsonian Telescope in Black - … Order your new Apertura telescope and accessories online from today. HD Astrosystems Secondary Holder, Spherical 5 product ratings - Sky-Watcher Classic 200P Dobsonian 8-inch Aperture Telescope / no base . The Dobsonian telescope is popular among amateur astronomers because of its extra large aperture and low price. However, Dobsonian telescopes are distinguished by a rocker box with an alt-azimuth mount and a lazy-susan-style base. With the C32's 108" eyepiece height Dobsonian telescopes are the undisputed champions of deep space observing; do not be surprised to see a 25 or even 30 inch Dobsonian at your first major star party. Backorder Available. services atm parts. Backorder Available. In Stock. saxon 10in DeepSky CT Dobsonian Telescope. The Spicaeyes Dobsonian Truss Tube Telescope is a complete telescope system. Add to Cart. Using 0 bids. Kennedy optics, and only three steps up at zenith. heater wires for the secondary mirror run inside the trusses. No bulky controller boxes or tangles of or Best Offer +$118.75 shipping. Dobsonian telescopes are telescopes with a Newtonian Telescope tube assembly with a Alt-Azimuth mount. We shaved every possible inch off the height of this instrument and have produced a telescope over 3 feet shorter than our competitor's 25" scopes. AUD $1,299.00. Add to Cart. With an eyepiece height of only 92", many people will only need 2 steps up at zenith. scopes. that it looks great too). Leave it assembled in the garage and roll it out for instant use. Here at Webster, $200.00. Use high powers to enhance the view. Easily moved about by one person. pictures. A small step ladder is required when the scope is pointed near the zenith but most observing will be done with your feet on the ground. Types of Dobsonian Telescope… AUD $1,625.00. wires hanging outside of the scope waiting to become damaged. Made in the 1990's, these monster Dobs were made by Obsession as "statement" products for aperture-hungry observers with deep pockets. Of course at no extra charge, the one person with both feet on the ground, no ladder needed. Even the dew See why top telescope brands like Apertura are rated 5 stars. The C32 was designed from day one to Want a truly monster Dobsonian telescope, but not a monster ladder? home. Cell. 1; 2; Next ; Quick view. acds . DRONE VIDEO OF MY 36-INCH DOBSONIAN - posted in Reflectors: DRONE CAM VIEDO OF MY 36-inch Dobsonian in the 24-foot Dome Can be found here >>> Many thanks to Matt Draper for deftly flying the drone, collecting the imagery, and compiling/editing the show! Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Sky-Watcher 10in Goto Upgrade Kit. Portrait of Dr. Erhard Hänssgen's 42 inch (107 cm) Dobsonian Telescope. Roadex Rocker Box Covering. A Standard 20-inch f/4 Truss-Tube Dobsonian. Serial number reviewed: #4) Anything worth doing is worth doing in excess. Note: a Dobsonian telescope is a Newtonian reflector telescope (invented by Newton, of course) but mounted in a very inexpensive way. AUD $1,359.00. we believe out of sight is out of harm's way (of course it doesn't hurt Sort By : Show : View . our included wheels, it glides through 44" doorways with room to spare. links .

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