Secondary schools in many countries also hold graduation ceremonies. The whole idea of graduation is believed to have started in the 12th Century, introduced by scholastic monks who wore robes during the entire graduation ceremony. It helps articulate the underlying psychological forces, and the overt socio-cultural forces, that help an individual make the transition from one stage of development to the next. When it comes to learning how to write, they grow from scribbling to actual writing. One sees this sort of thing in adolescents who engage in substance abuse, gang activity, risky sexual behaviors, or other forms of reckless endangerment. . . The graduation cap is of two categories: the mortarboard/trencher cap and the Tudor bonnet/tam. These rites might represent components of one overall rite of passage, or be given greater or lesser emphasis in specific rituals or ceremonies. The other graduands in Uganda wear black gowns. “Every graduation ceremony has its own format. “Some children join kindergarten when they cannot speak. Anthropologists have found that across different cultures, rites of passage follow a three-stage process that can be said to be universally human, arising from the core of human nature in contact with Mother Nature. All in all, the concept of rites of passage is a useful one in comprehending the broad picture of the human life cycle. The Chancellor can only lay his cap on the PhD holders’ heads because they are less in number unlike the bachelor’s and master’s degree holders who are many, explains Kajubi. “The term Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) means that one has acquired general wisdom of the entire subject basing on all the aspects of life that relate to it. The tassel is usually made of a cluster of threads that hung on a button that is centered in the middle of the hat. Rites of passage have three phases: separation, liminal, and incorporation, as van Gennep described. The graduation gown grew from the tradition of the priestly robe which symbolises a privileged position and possession of composure. While they still cannot legally drink or vote, they are now held more responsible for their actions and future choices. Sometimes this is done with a great deal of creativity and respect for tradition (for example, the Simchat Chochma or Joy of Wisdom Ceremony developed by Savina Teubel to celebrate her 60th birthday). Since priests were held in high respect for their knowledge, the hood represented the highest level of intelligence. “The mace is a symbol that shows the authority of the Chancellor. One may see the remnants of ancient rituals in such things as fraternity hazings, high school graduation ceremonies, or debutante balls. Like any ritual, the graduation ceremony has certain essential symbols. Hoods come in different colours to show one’s course of specialisation. Check to see if Weebly allows you to do the same thing. […] look at the life stages in your lifestyle, and discover those areas where a person’s conditions will significantly […], […] and messy in adapting to this new life, then we worked on a new plan to accept the transition (called Liminal Stage). Today class rings are mainly used in European schools as an outward symbol of school pride. Another popular ritual is the tossing of caps in the air to symbolise the excitement of growth in knowledge. They were used as symbols of wealth, success and belonging to a special group. In a way, it was a culture’s system of “quality control,” to ensure that those who were admitted to the adult role in that society had the specific attributes needed by the community (e.g. Since the transition can be dramatic for some, most high schools tend to have programs like the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, the quinceañera etc. According to Prof. Noll, the terms bachelor’s, and not spinster’s; and master’s, but not mistress’ are used because in the ancient times when education had just started, it was only the men that went to school. The three stages of a rite of passage are the rite of separation, the liminal period, and the rites of re-aggregation. Anthropologists have found that across different cultures, rites of passage follow a three-stage process that can be said to be universally human, arising from the core of human nature in contact with Mother Nature. On the auspicious graduation day, the former candidate students are addressed as graduands and by the end of the ceremony, they are called graduates. If so how do you reduce it, any In some universities, the certificates, diplomas and degrees are awarded first before the official speeches. The valediction speech contained the highlights of the ups and downs they went through as a class and it highlighted their hope for a successful future. 3 stages of rite of passage - separation stage - liminality (or transitional) stage - reincorporation (or aggregation) stage. The hood was originally a functional garment worn to shield the head from the elements of weather like coldness. “These colours are not supposed to be necessarily uniform, every university uses colours of their choice for their given faculties,” explains Prof. Kajubi. Although puberty rituals have been the focus of much of the discussion concerning rites of passage, the concept of rites of passage applies equally well to other ages and stages of life, including birth, marriage, and death. Because rites of passage are not often an integral part of contemporary society, people may decide to create their own rituals. plugin or anything you can recommend? A rite of passage is a ritual that marks a change from one stage of life to the next in a person’s social life. ), or to create new rites of passage to help their youthful members achieve maturity (this has been, for example, an important development in many African-American communities in the United States). MERRYMAKINGThere is no rite of passage that ever came to conclusion without some bit of feasting and merrymaking. In Uganda, most graduands organise big-budget graduation parties. “Graduation is a significant stage of development from childhood to adulthood because one comes out with new ideas that they can use to improve the world. A rite of passage is an event, ceremony or experience that marks the milestones of a person's life.

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