Is the air thinner up there? If you take a look at my home page photos you will see what Bart Veerman came up with after a good deal of time trying to recking the compensation for each string. They work fine., 'Boil the Cabbage Down bluegrass banjo lesson by Chris Quinn. Made in America. $29.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: 3/4" + bridges, Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. The radiused bridge wound up with a 7/8" string height for the middle string. I believe Scott Vestal's Stealth was the first "production" banjo to use a 3/4" bridge as stock.I would think that he based this decision on right hand playability as well as tone for the Stealth. I've also made a few 3/4" bridges...and boy, does that seem like a lot of wood. He used to charge twenty dollars a bridge probably still does. When I built these two 3/4" prototypes for Dean (1four5) and Hazen, I was a bit shocked when their weights came in at 3.3 and around 3.5 grams, respectively. All that changes the engineering, the pinion angle, the pittman arm, track bar, everything. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Banjo Bridge-Ebony maple, 4 string, 3 feet, 1/2", 5/8", 3/4, Banjo Bridge-Boston ebony maple, 4 String, 3 feet, 1/2" 5/8". Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 Banjo Hangout. I got my compensated bridge from Arthur Hatfield right here at the hangout. ?Why havn't you told me about this before??? These are vertical grain bridges and I expect the vertical grain orientation keeps these things from going tubby like you might expect a standard bridge to do. I figure they knew what they were doing in the factory when they built the thing. Discover over 175 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. My friends put 6 and 8 inch lift kits, spring over axle conversions, 44 inch tires. Moon Compensated Banjo Bridge, Medium, 11/16" SKU: BA93M11. With the 3/4" bridge and a fairly tight (but not overly tight) skin head, action is usually around 5/32" at the 12th fret.BM. I did this for about 3 weeks, and the difference was undeniable for my preferences (I did this on purpose). I may not go through the deep mud those guys go through, but I don't tear up stuff as much either. This one's mostly for the five string crowd - if that was true then how come 3/4" tall bridges are no …  Banjo Building, Setup, and Repair Hide these Google ads: join the Players Union! See our vintage Gibson inventory, plus new banjos from Prucha, OME, Williams and more. The bridge we replaced is the one just below the upper right bridge in this photo which has a Texas mesquite base capped with purpleheart, weighing in at 2.4 grams, 5/8" string height with standard (42mm) string spacing.We did not leave the tall bridge on the banjo for very long but it was on the banjo long enough that we were able to determine that it did work and there was no compromise in the overall performance of the banjo.If anything, the maple/ebony tall Dam bridge may have been slightly better balanced than the mesquite Wave but might not have been quite as clear in the middle part of the neck. 2020 popular 1 trends in Sports & Entertainment with Banjo Bridge 4 and 1. Banjo Bridge-Ebony maple galalith, 4 String, 3 feet, 1/2", 5/8. I don't have to spend all of my free time in a dusty shop vs sleeping and eating like regular folks?? 20 00 $ 20.00. Do you mean I don't have to make bridges one at a time?? In the end, it is going to come down to the preferences of the individual picker. When I look at your Hatfield, they look the same to my eyes. I radiused the top, slightly with the middle string height at 7/8". But, what happens is you find that the action up the neck (from fret 5 forward), is too high. I thinned them down, which I do anyway with many bridges.Bill, Hankulator - Posted - 08/28/2009:  11:54:31, after all my experimenting around i like the snuffy smith .656. i don't have the time or money to try all the bridges out there (even though i'd like to).Hank, Bart Veerman - Posted - 08/28/2009:  12:12:09, Picking wise: for three fingers style players it's usually a playability question while for clawhammer players it shouldn't really make any difference. I wouldn't expect the exact same results on a standard scale banjo with a 3/4" bridge. It's still not as comfortable to play as my other banjo (with the 2" spacing), but the taller bridge certianly helps. It's pretty easy to find out whether your fingers like that height - slide a popsicle stick under an 11/16" (2 of them for a 5/8") and there's your 3/4" height. ", plunknplinkntwang - Posted - 09/02/2009:  15:50:45, Roll Player - Posted - 09/02/2009:  17:14:29, I recently purchased a .656 Kateyz bridge with Crowe spacing to replace the 5/8 that came on my Gibson. Banjo Bridge-Ebony maple, 4 String, 2 feet, 1/2", 5/8", suitable for use with ukulele, tenor or plectrum banjos. I think my Stealth has a very warm, round tone-- other people have actually commented on this when they hear my banjo (but my banjo is also all walnut) I wouldn't expect the exact same results on a standard scale banjo with a 3/4" bridge.Plus, if I were to attempt going from 5/8" to 3/4" on a "standard" 5-string banjo, I would definitely have the heel recut so that I could have the action where I like it (~ 3/32" at the 12th fret)It took me a day or two to get used to it, and also being radiused, I *really* like the playability for the right hand.Even though I have pretty long fingers, I don't think I would go much higher (like Béla's 1" bridge).note: I'm not a luthier, so I can only speak from speculation and personal experience.

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