the sound of the bass, and lower the Output a little bit. :-). let's talk about buttons. Now I can master the cubase 1176 and also the native instruments 1176. Distortion increases, along with a plateaued slope and a lag time in response to initial transients, creating an explosive sound on drum room mics, fuzzing-out bass or electric guitar sound, or squeezing a vocal to bring it front and center of your mix. 00:02:00If this is too much compression, My TC Electronic compressor had lots of presets with suggested uses. But my 1176 just lets me dive in. Only two knobs on that sucker!!! 00:21:44The box is very versatile, I think it's hard for people who may be used to gear with presets to deal with gear that doesn't give you advice ahead of time. D 1176's but they don't have the "vintage" problems so if you want an example of a "good" 1176 that is the one to try…. Well done - thanks for explaining everything in way that makes sense, and using audio examples that fit the lesson. and more punch, This was really useful. 00:01:13On the 1176, you use the Input knob use both the Input and the Output knobs Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. with our basic settings. so popular since the 60s, 00:19:33That said, it should basically be the original, which is this... 00:05:34Despite the level difference, the which we need, since we're gonna The 1176 will faithfully compress or limit at the selected ratio for transients, but the ratio will always increase a bit after the transient. if it moves forward... 00:13:56How does it feel? 00:13:52See if it goes up, two 1176s sound quite the same. unleashed it on us lonely humans? very, very fast, 00:01:43We know if we want more compression, 00:19:51As you can see, the settings 00:03:21For the lazy people amongst us, at the same time. 00:21:34The same thing is happening here. 00:14:29I'm gonna switch to 20:1 Ratio, Here we go. 00:20:42Listen to the bottom: 00:08:02Next, I'd like to show you how to use 00:03:30There's not 4 buttons, there's 8. and also that little ghost notes... 00:04:26It's funky, and that's great, in 20:1. before the Release is slowed, Yep... print'em. a solid piece of sound. but you'll hear it and feel it actually varies with the Ratio. ), as well as a blend knob and tone control. 00:12:51I think that the attack is still 00:00:47And 3, it's easy to use: it only has Individually, the 1176's famed push-button-selectable ratios of 4:1 and 8:1 (compression), and 12:1 and 20:1 (limiting) give you generous dynamics-control leeway, but they pack a sonic surprise when all four are pressed in simultaneously. the Attack to, say 4. 00:21:47And I have one last piece of advice: to tracks that deserve it, the 1176 as a Peak Limiter, by raising the Output. on how to use the 1176 in real life. 00:02:26If you want it to be very fast, Thanks. This is one of those that aughtta be an FAQ. We know what they do. Here we go. over the Threshold. 00:19:42Since I'm a masochist, Yes it does! I know I want to compress. by doing this: I thought the differences between the Standard and actual 1176 were more detectable at really low frequencies (low notes on the 5th string of a bass), but nothing that bothered me with an electric guitar or acoustic instruments. and the "Get Down", it's pretty nice. If you think the 1176 is hard you should try an LA-2A. Let me show you some example With regards to various ATTACK and RELEASE settings, I got confused at first when you used the words "fast", "short" and "closed" interchangeably to refer to the same thing VERSUS "slow", "long" and "open". Now, it's not that big of a difference, 00:01:07When you have a Threshold knob 00:14:39I'm gonna wide open the Attack when I was growing up? That's a good basis to bring the signal up that all the settings are gonna match 00:00:51As a musician, you expect it So, All Button Mode... 00:16:56I'm a trained professional, before compression. especially for the last "Business". at the same time, like this. 00:01:01The 1176 does not have so what can I do about that? Literally every 1176 I've used has sounded pretty different. Thank you very much, I finally have a significantly deeper understanding of this multitool. I'm just curious to see if there's any common ground in the setting folks are using. I pulled the electric guitar from the same song as the bass. 00:00:13I know what you're thinking: 00:12:08It sounds good, 00:05:59We've got ways to go, and do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. whenever the peaks are going 00:03:44We know enough to be dangerous, Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack and FREE Revival Plugin - Available NOW. all the way, 00:13:44Listen to how low it goes, Conclusion: Bass Compression. 00:12:55The Gain Make-up is too low, don't try this at home! the compression, This is the 1176LN from UA. and then make a very short Release, just passing through the box. Attack, up to 7, and a short Release. 00:12:29I'm gonna turn the 1176 on Check it out. when the mighty Bill Putnam than the Threshold at 20:1, 00:01:55Basically, I'm heightening The plugin comparison is not useful. You have to compensate on the input. the sound of the bass drum... 00:14:22So much tone that you can actually Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. Otherwise, good stuff as always. And that’s it! Once logged in, you will be able to click on those chapter titles and jump around in the video. the very, very bottom of the bass drum. I was trying to make a point. 4, 8, 12 and 20:1. but the principles are the same. This is true for any of the 1176’s ratio settings, and is part of the 1176’s sound. You know, those little pieces of advice I am so bored of this song and the vocal line tho, pops out in every video :). Only two knobs on that sucker!!! When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. So I'm gonna go from 4:1 to 8:1. 00:04:32So I'm gonna compress it with the 1176. 00:02:337 is the fastest, Very short Release. 00:02:48There are 4 Ratio buttons: 00:08:22I know I wanna catch those peaks,

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