The tube has a total of +/- 45mm adjustment from a nominal design position, which was intended to be enough to cover any errors in calculating the nominal position of the focuser. The lower portion of the base has three rubber feet constructed from hockey pucks, secured to the plywood base with wood screws and washers in counter-bored holes in the pucks; these serve to provide three-point support to the base which prevents wobbling, and also isolate the plywood base from the ground to avoid exposure to dirt and moisture. Rotational adjustment is facilitated by a small flat machined into the end of the threaded rod, which allows it to be gripped securely with a small wrench; loosening the top nut slightly allows it to be rotated and held in the desired position while the nut is re-tightened. Based in Detroit, Michigan. With a 9mm I can see could bands. Saturn looks awesome - the rings, shadow of the planet on the rings, and some striation are visible. Find a Dobsonian Telescope for Sale Online at High Point Scientific . In application, the secondary mirror has only needed to be adjusted once during initial setup and has not moved or required re-adjustment since then. I can see DSO's down to about magnitude 8.8 on most nights. You can do astrophotography of "bright stuff" - planets and moon - with a Dob, but the really cool stuff requires tracking and long exposures. The base supports the rocker box and enables the telescope to pivot, as well as providing a mechanism for positioning the scope accurately with respect to azimuth. Where did you source your optical components? The secondary mirror is secured using clear RTV silicone, and includes a “safety leash” made from mason twine to prevent the secondary from falling onto the primary mirror in the event that the RTV silicone bond should fail. By taking the classic dobsonian design and making the traditionally long optical tube collapsible, Sky-Watcher has made a large 10 inch telescope able to easily fit in the back of most cars as well as easier to store at home when not in use. The tube is reinforced with a series of plywood baffle rings on the interior, as well as a plywood focuser support and the secondary mirror holder. Reply Dobsonian telescopes have a very simple reflector design, which is why they are very easy to make at home. At the other end of the scope, a plywood accessory platform is clamped to the exterior of the tube with a pair of plywood rings. This instructable documents the design and construction of a 10” reflector telescope. 2 months ago. This 10-inch Dobsonian telescope is specially designed to provide you with the most beautiful view. As a disclaimer – this was my first build of a telescope, and I am not a professional optical designer, so I don’t purport to be an authority, but I have successfully seen the project through to completion and can report that it works! It features a primary parabolic mirror that is precisely placed to eliminate any spherical aberration in the images. Because of its very low coefficient of thermal expansion, Pyrex glass is less affected by changing temperatures. Explore Scientific's 10-inch Truss Tube Dobsonian. This was done in lieu of screws for two reasons: first, to avoid the possibility of splitting the plywood rings, as screws would go into the edge-grain of the plywood; second, to avoid the necessity of having numerous exterior fasteners on the tube, which would detract from aesthetics and have a tendency to snag on clothing during transport of the tube. All parts for the primary mirror cell were cut on a CNC router for expediency, but could be readily duplicated using non-CNC equipment if needed. Keep up providing the community with your creative ideas. Because the rectangular vanes are welded to the center tube, they do not need to be held in tension to maintain their position, which makes mounting and positioning easier. The four rectangular vanes are welded to a central segment of tubing, into which an aluminum reducer bushing is press-fit. It is surely a great choice for all those amateur astronomers who are intending to shift up from a beginner-le… The cell is a nine-point design, with the locations of the support points calculated using the open-source “GUI PLOP” software. Sorry! Motion on the bearings is smooth and easily controlled, and the scope is free from vibration during use. Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). The mirror holder is secured to the spider with a pair of loc-nuts. These pads were surrounded with a ring of clear RTV silicone, and the mirror was then set on the supports while the RTV cured. When used in conjunction with the azimuth ring, this allows the scope to be accurately aimed in alt-az coordinates. Share it with us! The optical tube assembly is comprised of two major components, the rocker box and the tube. The attached drawings should give all necessary detail. The low center-of-gravity and wide base make the scope very stable, and position the eyepiece low enough that children can look through it without need for a step-ladder. My shortest eyepiece is 5mm, but this level of magnification (250x) requires very still air and very good atmospheric transparency; on most nights I end up not going past the 9mm. Hi - I used a GSO mirror (10" f/5) along with a GSO secondary (62.5mm), both purchased from Agena Astro. The interior of the tube was painted with matte black paint, after first being scuff-sanded and then primed with a layer of shellac.

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